Chicago area tandem society


Chicago area tandem society

The Ultimate Tandem Bicycle Links PageLinks to tandem bicycle webweb sites at th Tandem hyperlinks, which include Tandem Club pages and hyperlinks to hyperlinks:Brazos Area Tandem Society of TexasChicago Area Tandem Soci of Wisconsin Chicago area tandem society

Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts Chicago area tandem society

EGRETS (Enthusiastic Group of Riders Exercising Tandem Style) of Virginia Beach
Delta Pedalers (Antioch, California)
Fall Allegheny Rally for Tandems (F.A.R.T.)
Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society (GOATS)
Greater Rochester Eating and Tandeming Society
Hoosiers Out On Tandems
Houston Area Tandem Society
Michigan United Tandem Society
Midwest Tandem Rally
Northwest Tandem Rally
Ottawa-Gatineau Tandem Bicycle List
Paired Iowans Going Somewhere
San Diego Tandem Club
Southwest Tandem Rally
Southern Tandem Rally
Tandem Club of America (TCA)
Tandem Club de France
Tandem Tour Web page
Texas Capital Area Tandem Society of Cedar Park, Texas
Team Northwest Tandemonium of Portland, Oregon
UCSD Hobbes Tandem reference site
Ever desired to COAST whilst your associate PEDALLED? Check this out!
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Tandem Bicycle Business hyperlinks: Chicago area tandem society

Exclusive-to-the-change tandem producers and dealers:
Burley Design Cooperative
CoMotion Cycles
DaVinci Designs
Hase Bikes of Waltrop, Germany (Pino recumbent tandems and tandem rally)
Hollywood facet-by-facet pride tandems
Santana Cycles
Cyclemorph Tandem Attachments
Gear To Go Tandems
Meridian Tandem Bicycles
Precision Tandems
Tandem Cycle Works
Tandems East
Tandems, Limited
Tandem-Talk (voice intercom)
Velo Transatlantique of France
Bicycle producers who make tandems as well:
Azub recumbent tandem
Bike Friday
Bilenky Bicycles
Bushnell Design


Bohemian Bicycles

Cannondale Bicycles
CAS carbon body tandems
Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles
Greenspeed tandem trike
KHS Bicycles
Longstaff Custom Bicycles
Nobilette Custom Frames
Organic Engines (recumbents)
Raleigh USA
RANS Corporation recumbents
Rodriguez Cycles (custom handbuilt frames)
Ti Cycles
Trek Bicycles
Velogenesis Recumbent Tandems
Velo Tandem (Moscow designer)
Ventana USA
Other business webweb sites:
Tandem Magazine
Cyber Cyclery
Harris Cyclery, on Tandems
Park Tool (first rate restore tools!)
Phil Wood (tandem hubs and different components)
St. John Street Cycles (SJS)
Gateway Bicycles (of Oregon)

General Bicycling hyperlinks:

Bicycle Helmet Safety InstituteEn-cycle-opediaGearHead magazineProbicycle Bicycle AdvocacyThe Tourde France at the WWWUSA Cycling AssociationVeloNews RacingWHO  eel2 Helmet InitiativeS

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