Cusk eel

Cusk eel Cusk-eels are observed in temperate and tropical oceans in the course of the world. They stay near the ocean bottom, starting from shallow water to the hadal zone. One species, Abyssobrotula galatheae, changed into recorded at the lowest of the Puerto Rico trench, making it the inner most recorded fish at 8,370 m (27,460 ft).

Ecology Cusk eel

Cusk-eels are commonly very solitary in nature, however a few species were visible to companion themselves with tube computer virus groups.

Phylogeny Cusk’s eel

Due to the inconsistencies in unique morphological traits in carefully associated species, tries to apply unique characters, consisting of the placement of pelvic fins, to categorise Ophiididae into wonderful households has verified especially unsatisfactory.

Overall, Ophidiidae are labeled primarily based totally on whether or not or now no longer they exercise viviparity and the systems they comprise which can be related to bearing life.[3]


Cusk-eels are characterised through a long, slim frame this is approximately 12-thirteen instances so long as it’s far deep. The biggest species, Lamprogrammus shcherbachevi, grows up to two m (6.6 ft) in duration, however maximum species are shorter than 1 m (three.three ft).


Unlike their near relatives, the viviparous brotulas of the own circle of relatives Bythitidae, cusk-eel species are egg-bearing, or oviparous, organisms.

While the specifics of the eggs of the own circle of relatives Ophidiidae are unknown, they’re believed to be both spawned as individual, free-floating eggs withinside the open water or are positioned in a mucilaginous raft, in an effort to waft for numerous days till they hatch into cusk-eel larvae.

Conservation status

While some species are fished commercially – maximum substantially the crimson cusk-eel, Genypterus blacodes – and numerous species of the order Ophidiiformes are indexed as vulnerable, now no longer sufficient statistics has been accumulated approximately eel2 Ophidiidae as an entire to decide their conservation status. Cusk’s eel’s

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