Cyber zombie society

The Cyber Zombie Society is a group of 3,333 unique, hand-drawn, virtual Cyber Zombies located at the Ethereum blockchain. Each Cyber Zombie holder gets get entry to to many remarkable features, together with an different club withinside the Cyber Zombie Society! Cyber zombie society

Project`s Ro

After 10% of the 3,333 Cyber Zombies are minted, will MINT 33 Cyber Zombies for the group and for the network wallet.


20% minted

get to understand their rarity

This could be the correct second to get indexed on rarity-checking sites, so that you can test out the rarity of your Cyber Zombies.


30% minted

Cyber Zombies are becoming rolex watches Cyber zombie society

30% method that 1,111 are minted. It`s time to pick out the winner of the Rolex giveaway. A brand-new fashionable Rolex Datejust, or USD 10,000 really well worth of ETH, could be given away to 1 fortunate Cyber Zombie Societ


50% minted

Cyber Zombies get greater NFTs

Who doesn`t like greater NFTs? At 50% minted, will supply away 3 blue-checkmark NFTs! And the excellent element is that the network will decide those 3 NFTs via way of means of voting.


60% minted

were given style

It`s time to get your zombie get dressed on! Get your Cogether along with your personal NFT on it!


80% minted

Cyber Zombies are generous Cyber zombie society

Although are onetheless very generous. That`s why will donate USD 10,000 to a very good cause. will pick out which reasons ought to donate cash to via way of means of voting. 1 NFT ownership = 1 VOTE.


90% minted

Cyber Zombies get to understand approximately the approaching Cyber Zombie NFT series + rewards for unswerving zombies

And due to the fact need to praise all of the unswerving  members, every holder of 3 or greaterty NFTs gets this upcoming NFT airdropped for free!


100% minted

The large second is here –

This is simply the beginning! After all of 3y NFTs are minted, the starts!

The  will convey such a lot of benefits, options, and utilities to every member that it`s not possible to explain all of them in some sentences.  eel2 That`s why have created an entire phase approximately what the Society goes to convey to all of the holders. Check it out!




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