Dragon eel

Dragon eel If you’ve got got a completely big marine aquarium and you`re seeking to upload a definitely brilliant specimen for your collection, appearance no similarly than the Dragon Eel.

Here`s a manual to retaining this menacing-searching creature in your private home tank. If you dare!

Enter the Dragon!

The Dragon Eel is a species of Moray that belongs to the Muraenidae own circle of relatives and has the medical call, Enchelycore pardalis. The one-of-a-kind Dragon is without difficulty diagnosed with the aid of using its slender curved jawline, brilliant orange to crimson stripes at the head, and elongated nostrils that deliver the arrival of horns.

The Dragon Eel is observed withinside the Indo-Pacific ocean, Southern Japan, and Hawaii. Although this beautiful, predatory carnivore isn’t endangered, it’s far hardly ever visible, being particularly nocturnal and with the dependancy of hiding away in rocky crevices and outcrops and coral reefs

The Dragon Eel is likewise regarded with the aid of using the subsequent names:

Japanese Dragon Eel

The Dragon Moray is a backside dweller that inhabits rock formations and caves, the usage of them as cowl for hunting, in addition to for housing. The Japanese Dragon has a eager experience of odor that permits the animal to discover its prey withinside the darkish caves and inaccessible regions in their rocky territory.

Appearance Dragon eel

Dragon Morays have fantastically coloured our bodies with orange, black, yellow, crimson, and white patterning that runs the overall period of the eel`s body.

Like all species of moray eel, the Dragon Moray has a huge, gaping mouth full of sharp teeth, which, blended with spiked horns above the animal`s eyes, earned the creature its not unusualplace call of Dragon Eel.

Male and woman Dragons do now no longer range in looks, even though a few specialists say that the male of the species is greater brightly coloured.

It`s been advised with the aid of using a few that the Japanese Dragon Eels are the maximum beautiful variation of all, even though the color of character animals varies fairly for the duration of populations.


When your Dragon Eel first arrives in its new domestic, you maximum in all likelihood won`t see an awful lot of it. For such an enforcing predator, those eels are pretty shy and regularly spend an awful lot in their time hiding away till lights-out whilst they may emerge from their den to seek and feed.

Once the eel is acclimated, it’ll occasionally lie out in undeniable view or spend an awful lot of its time with its head poking out of a rock cave or different hiding place.

The Dragon Eel has a brilliant hazard show. The animal opens its jaws as extensively as possible, flattens its gills, tilts its head to at least one side, and erects its dorsal fin. That show is commonly sufficient to ship all different tank occupants fleeing to safety!

Care of the Dragon Moray Eel

The Moray is an ocean-living species which might be hard to hold in a domestic tank surroundings and possession of any such impressive creatures is nice left to skilled hobbyists who’re acquainted with their wishes.

However, when you have a completely big, set up reef aquarium, any such specimens makes a definitely brilliant addition for your collection, as you may see from this YouTube clip, (Prado Jesus, rights reserved).

Tank conditions

The Dragon Moray Eel wishes a 180-gallon aquarium or large to be comfortable. The aquarium have to be ready with a appropriate safe haven in which the eel can cover at the same time as it settles in. Eventually, you may be capable of view the eel whilst it pokes is head out of its lair or lies out in complete view.

he Dragon Moray is a backside-dweller which could attain 36 inches in length whilst mature. For that reason, usually residence your eel in an aquarium this is lengthy instead of tall.

Although those creatures do now no longer generally tend to swim round an awful lot, you need to nevertheless have an aquarium that may be a minimal of ft from returned to the front to house the rock systems and caves that make up the Dragon Moray`s habitat.

Note that the tank will want to have a tightly becoming lid to save you the eel from escaping.

Water parameters

The Dragon Eel is an ocean-dweller and consequently calls for a saltwater habitat.

These fish come areas in which the water is temperate and need to be supplied with a water temperature of among 650 and 780 Fahrenheit. pH stages need to be among eight.zero to eight.4, dKH eight to 12, and salinity of 1.021 to 1.025.

Diet Dragon eel

The Dragon Moray Eel is carnivorous and need to be fed squid, octopus, and stay feeder fish.

In its wild oceanic habitat, the Dragon Moray eats fish, consuming quite an awful lot whatever that it could match into its expandable jaws.

Some large eels were visible biting and mutilating fish which might be too big for the eel to swallow whole. Tankmates have to, consequently, be selected carefully, as they will be predated on with the aid of eel2. using your Moray Eel. Dragon eel

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