Eel bird in english

Eel bird in english A sort of fish – associated with carp (fish) and catfish – lengthy cylindrical frame with flattened head and the only fin withinside the decrease element grows to the give up of the tail; no or only a few scales;

grows to 6-eight ft lengthy and weighs approximately 20 Kg.; feeds on (eats) fish, frogs, small mammals and birds; lives for 13-15 years; located withinside the muddy ponds and streams of the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America

electric powered eel hunting

Though the call has `eel` in it, the `electric powered eel` isn’t associated with the `actual eels`! Only the lengthy narrow frame form has given it its call.

Though the electrical eels are `fish`, they’re air breathers, i.e. 80% of the oxygen they take is from the air above water! Like humans in water, they arrive to the floor of the water to take gulps air pretty often!

Eel bird in english
Eel bird in english

test displaying power from e. eel

As the call suggests, an electric powered eel can produce six hundred volts of electrical strength which it makes use of to surprise the enemy (predator) or the prey (the animal it eats).

There are 6,000 specialized cells alongside its frame that could produce brief burst of power.

These electric powered eels additionally produce small quantities of power (10 volts) to peer and pass or find prey or maybe discover their friends withinside the muddy waters they stay in, simply as humans use battery-operated electric powered torch lights!

The quantity of power an electric powered eel generates can knock a horse off its ft!!

Electric eels are used for the fundamental research on `bio-electric powered phenomena`.

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