Eel catfish

Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s Long, non-stop fin comprising of the second one dorsal, anal and caudal fins which might be joined to shape an eel-like tail. Eel catfish
Rear part of the frame is compressed.Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

Colour levels from gray to brown, commonly mottled with darkish brown/black blotchings and a whitish underbelly. Larger fish have much less mottling and may be greater inexperienced in coloration fading to white below. Skin is easy with out a scales.
Small eyes.

Down grew to become mouth surrounded through barbels.
Can develop as much as 900mm and 7kg, but fish over 2kg are exceptional.

Distribution Eel catfish

Eel’s Tailed’s Catfish’s are evidently dispensed all through the Murray-Darling Basin and withinside the Eastern drainages NSW north of Newcastle.

Eel Tailed Catfish numbers withinside the Murray-Darling Basin have declined because of various affects together with invasive species, habitat degradation, bloodless water pollutants and fishing pressures and are actually genuinely absent from the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lachlan catchments.

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Freshwater threatened species distribution maps in NSW
Report an Eel’s-Tailed’s Catfish’s sighting from the Murray-Darling Basin

Habitat Eel catfish

ckside dwelling) species. It is fantastically sedentary and adults generally simplest pass inside a five km variety. They are normally greater energetic at night time as compared with in the course of the day.

They may be discovered in a various variety of freshwater environments together with rivers, creeks, lakes, billabongs and lagoons. They choose clear, slow or nonetheless waters, however also can be discovered in flowing streams with turbid waters. Substrates variety from dust to gravel and rock.

Why is the Murray-Darling Basin populace of Eel’s-Tailed’s Catfish’s threatened? Eel catfish

Loss of appropriate habitat (lakes, billabongs, lagoons) via river regulation.
Competitive and predatory interactions with delivered species together with Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Redfin Perch (Perca fluviatilis).

Loss of habitat and spawning webweb sites via siltation.

Reduced achievement of spawning and recruitment because of changes to go with the drift styles and flooding regimes.
Reduced habitat and lack of temperature spawning cues because of bloodless-water discharge from the bottom of huge dams and high-stage weirs.

Run-off of chemical pollutants into waterways, together with agricultural pesticides.  Eel catfish
Historical eel2 industrial and leisure overfishing. Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

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