Eel don

Eel don Bring a number of the maximum cherished flavours in Japanese summertime delicacies to your house with this clean unagi don grilled eel rice bowl recipe. `

Unagi` is the Japanese phrase for `eel`, and this unique one-bowl donburi dish tops servings of white rice with fillets of freshly grilled eel, all pro with a selfmade unagi sauce. Prepare at the barbeque in the course of a warm summer time season`s day, or make on an oven grill withinside the evening.

Occasions: Summer, Main meals Eel don

Make the sauce: Combine the four tbsp mirin and 1 ½ tbsp cooking sake in a small saucepan and convey to the boil. Reduce the warmth and upload the two ½ tbsp sugar, stirring till absolutely dissolved. Add the four tbsp soy sauce and convey to the boil.


Reduce the warmth and simmer for 10 mins, or till the sauce

thickens. Turn off the warmth and set apart to cool.Prepare the rice: While the sauce is cooling, begin cooking and making ready the rice the usage of your selected method.

We propose the usage of 200g rice and 260ml water after washing the rice.

Tips Eel don

For an proper experience, you could additionally carrier this dish in a two-tier bento lunch box, or jubako. When served like this the dish is referred to as unaju.

Eel is historically eaten in the course of the summer time season months in Japan. Being wealthy in nutrients and minerals and protein, the dish is notion to present expanded stamina, that is a whole lot wanted in the eel2 course of warm days. Eel don’s

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