Eel dragon

Eel dragon Dragon eels had been 20 feet (6.1 meters) lengthy and extra than 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) in weight.

They had been included in silvery scales and had a fin strolling down their spine, with pairs of smaller, hook-tipped fins alongside the belly, in addition to a couple of ray-like “wings”. The head became blunt and streamlined.


Dragon eels had been greedy, duplicitous creatures with a flavor for humanoid flesh.[1][2]


Dragon eels had been acknowledged to have blindsense at the same time as underwater. Other reviews talked about extra fantastical powers, which includes being capable of fly at some point of storms and discharging energy from their mouths.[1][2]


Combat Eel dragon

Dragon eels might assault ships via way of means of ramming them under the waterline, then swallowing the drowning sufferers whole. They might chew and tail-slap fighters as well.

Ecology Eel dragon

Dragon eels lived withinside the oceans. They had been acknowledged to barter with deliver captains over secure passage, however they had been additionally liars and a number of the ships they negotiated with vanished anyway.

Dragon eels normally spoke the Aquan and Draconic languages;

smarter ones additionally eel2. spoke Common and Sahuagin. Eel’s dragon

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