Eel fish as food

Eel fish as food The meals of eels (Anguilla anguilla) from the Windermere catchment vicinity has been investigated with the aid of using the exam of the belly contents of 106 yellow eels from Windermere, forty two from Cunsey Beck and 32 from the River Leven;

the meals of 60 seaward migrating eels stuck withinside the lure on Cunsey Beck has additionally been ascertained. 2. Eels feed nearly absolutely upon bottom-dwelling invertebrates, molluscs predominating withinside the Windermere fish and the larvae of aquatic bugs in the ones from the Cunsey Beck and River Leven.

This difference might be because of the scale of the eels tested from the 2 locations being extraordinary and variations withinside the faunistic situations of the 2 environments. 3. The variety of eels from Windermere feeding on fish is negligible; the digital absence of fish from the weight loss plan of Cunsey and Leven eels can be accounted for with the aid of using the scale of these tested.

4. Some seaward migrating eels, which include specimens which had been converting from the yellow to the silver segment and people which had been thoroughly silver, contained meals.

5. The dating among the feeding behavior of the eel and fish related to it’s miles discussed, a few recommendations for fishery coverage being primarily based totally at the discussion.

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