Eel fish curry

Eel fish curry Assalamualaikum friends, I wish all people is nicely via way of means of the limitless grace of Allah . I am additionally nicely together along with your blessings.

Today I actually have give you a recipe for you. The call of this recipe is Zig-zag eel fish curry with potatoes. We all want to consume extra or much less Zig-zag eel fish. Zig-zag eel fish has many dietary properties.

But you don`t get the actual flavor of it, in case you do not know the way to prepare dinner dinner it properly. I wish you’ll be capable of prepare dinner dinner fish thoroughly in case you comply with this recipe. Let’s now no longer exaggerate, let’s discover how I cooked this Zig-zag eel fish curry.

Preparation: Eel fish curry

I will periodically reduce and wash the potatoes, onions and Zig-zag eel fish as required.

IMG_20210820_002718.jpg Eel’s fish’s curry

Now positioned a frying pan and fry the sliced ​​fish with turmeric and oil.

Once the onion is fried, blend it with a small quantity of water, garlic paste, ginger paste, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt.

Once the potatoes are nicely seasoned, I will grate them once more for some time with the pre-fried fish portions.
After some time, whilst the broth is pulled out and the curry is smeared, I will flip off the stove. Now it`s time to serve warm in a pleasing bowl.

I choose to consume this curry with rice or bread. You can strive it like me. Hope you want it. If you want this recipe of mine, it’s going to surely aid me and eel2. encourage me to transport forward. Eel’s fish curry’s

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