Eel fish fry

Eel fish fry Asian swamp eel fish facilitates to lessen exclusive styles of painful pain. Asian swamp eel fish produces our blood for human bodies . This fish will increase our

digestion power . Asian swamp eel fish facilitates to lower excessive blood pressure . Asian swamp eel fish gets rid of horrible asphyxia diseases .


India and Bangladesh is cultivating Asian swamp wel fish commercially . Becides Many Asian nations are farming this fish . Asian swamp eel fish dig holes withinside the floor and stay in grimy garbage. India earns a number of forex with the aid of using exporting those fish abroad .

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Some months in the past Fisherman got here to capture Asian swamp fish in my canal . There they have been fishing many times . Finally they stuck many Asian swamp eel fish . My father stuck portions of Asian swamp eel fish . I had made one asian swamp wel fish curry recipe .

I exclaimed with pleasure that my entire own circle of relatives can prepare dinner dinner exclusive styles of recipes . As I must proportion my recipes submit on my hive weblog account . For this purpose I prepare dinner dinner recipes myself .

At first I had eliminated Asian swamp eel fishes peels properly . After that I had reduce this fish . After that I had washed with warm water this fish perfectly . Finally I had taken guidance for making this fish curry recipe .

IMG_20200109_094430~3.jpg Eel fish fry

I had combined tumeric and salt in latha fish.When Mustrad oil is warm in Pan, I go away Mixing Asian swamp eel fish withinside the pan. Thus I will fry swamp eel fish .

After frying I had picked swamp eel fish from pan.I had fried potatoes . After frying potatoes , I had supplied water like wanted in pan .

After boiling sometimes , I had picked curry from pan. I go away mustrad oil in pan. When oil is warm again , I had fried onion . I admixed a few pastes in curry . Finally I boiled Asian swamp eel fish curry . Thus I had made Asian swamp eel fish curry recipe .

Really It may be very scrumptious fish curry recipe . It is tasty and home made recipe . In a phrase It is straightforward recipe and Everyone eel2 can strive it . Eel fish fry

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