Eel fish how much voltage

Eel fish how much voltage

Eel fish how much voltage Electric eels are big fish observed all through South America that may produce as much as six hundred volts of strength. The strength is produced via specialised organs that make up the bulk in their frame.

Electricity could be very essential of their each day lives. They use this energy to seek in murky water, protect themselves, navigate in addition to speak with different eels round them.

There aren`t many animals which have protection mechanisms as specific as the electrical eel. After all, there are such a lot of questions.

How do the eels produce their strength? How can they surprise different animals with out surprising themselves? And, in case you had been ever to are available in touch with an electric powered eel, do they have got sufficient energy to kill you

What Are Electric Eels? Eel fish how much voltage

a lone electric powered eel swimming in a freshwater aquarium
Electric eels, or Electrophorus electricus, are a form of carnivorous freshwater fish. They can develop pretty big with a complete frame duration of 6-eight ft (1.eight-2.four m), and a weight of as much as forty four pds (20 kg). They are pretty lengthy-lived fish with a lifespan of up to fifteen years.

Physical Characteristics Eel fish how much voltage

complete frame photo of an electric powered eel swimming in a freshwater aquarium
The thrilling element approximately electric powered eels is that, notwithstanding their call, they`re now no longer without a doubt eels.

They are extra genetically associated with carp and catfish species than they’re to authentic eels. However, they had been given the call of “eel” truly due to the fact their frame form so carefully resembles that of eels.

Their our bodies are very much like eels due to the fact they’re lengthy and cylindrical. Their frame duration can attain up to eight ft (2.four m) in duration.

Their heads are a lot flatter than their spherical our bodies. The colour in their dorsal aspect is typically darkish inexperienced or gray, with a lighter yellowish shadeation protecting their underside. They do now no longer have scales, and their our bodies are absolutely smooth.


Although they appearance lots like authentic eels, they lack the traits that might classify it as an eel. True eels are a part of the order Anguilliformes, at the same time as the electrical eel is a part of the order Gymnotiformes, or the knife fishes.

They don’t have any pelvic or dorsal fins. Instead, they have got a small caudal fin. They additionally have a completely lengthy anal fin that travels down their frame and allows them to swim. The anal fin is so beneficial that the fish can’t handiest swim forward, however it could swim backward, or even hover.

To be taken into consideration a real eel, an animal have to have an extended dorsal fin that mixes with the anal and caudel fin. Electric eels lack this dorsal fin, and their anal and caudal fin are separate.

The inner of an electric powered eel`s frame is thrilling as nicely due to the fact the bulk of its frame includes simply 3 organs. Its major electric organ in addition to the Hunter`s organ and the Sachs` organ top off 80% of the fish`s frame cavity. The relaxation of its organs are compacted withinside the the front of the frame.


They are freshwater fish and want to live withinside the water to survive. However, they breathe air in addition to water, in order that they regularly floor for air. The truth that they’re capable of breathe air from the floor of the water is vitally essential because the seasons change.

There are awesome moist and dry seasons wherein electric powered eels reside. During the wet season, the fish are golden. The water swells, and the lakes turns into related to rivers in order that the eels have extra area to unfold out.

However, because the dry season movements in, the connections dry out and there may be a lot much less water for the fish to inhabit. Many electric powered eels might be stuffed into the equal region. This reasons a brief depletion of the oxygen withinside the already poorly-oxygenated water.

When they swim to the floor of the water, they use their notably vascularized folds to respire air. These folds have a whole lot of floor region in order that the fish can without difficulty take in air. They have a unique mucous membrane inner their mouth that permits them to soak up oxygen from the air.

Electric Eels Habitat

These fish may be observed in streams, rivers, and ponds in South America. They stay in waters all throughout Brazil, and additionally inhabit the Guianas, Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, and Ecuador. You can discover them mostly withinside the Amazon and Orinoco basins. They decide on slow-shifting waters wherein it’s miles less complicated for them to swim.

Reproduction & Development

Electric eels will breed at some stage in the dry season, and a unmarried woman eel can produce among 1,200-1,seven hundred eggs. Before the eggs are laid, the male gets to paintings developing a nest.

He will create the nest together along with his personal saliva. After the eggs are deposited, the male will stand defend over the eggs till the wet season eel2. begins. Eel fish how much voltage

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