Eel garden

Eel garden While diving in tropical waters, you could come upon what seems to be a mattress of seagrass lightly transferring with the current. But appearance extra closely—you could absolutely be swimming amongst a colony of noticed lawn eels (Heteroconger hassi),

Range Eel garden

Spotted lawn eels are extensively dispensed from the Indo-Pacific and northwestern Australia to the Red Sea and East Africa and are located in waters as deep as a hundred and fifty feet.

Colonies are commonly located on sandy residences and slopes bordering coral reefs, now and again dwelling amongst seagrass for added camouflage.

Life History

Garden eels will typically best go away their authentic burrows to transport towards friends throughout spawning season. If adult males emerge as too near one another, they’ll combat over territory and close by females.

While mating, lawn eels entwine their higher halves collectively, their tails final of their character burrows. Two eels can live this manner for hours throughout a unmarried mating event.

Garden eels are pelagic spawners; they launch fertilized eggs into the open water, which then flow close to the floor with the current. When the eggs hatch, the juvenile lawn eels swim freely till they develop huge sufficient to create their personal burrows.

Predators Eel garden

A lawn eel`s high-quality protection is a short retreat into its burrow, however a number of its predators, such as the snake eel and the cause fish, have evolved innovative methods of accomplishing their prey.

Snake eels are regarded to create burrows immediately under lawn

eels earlier than attacking them tail-first, even as triggerfish would possibly surely use brute pressure eel2 to dive into the sand and grab the eel from its hole. Eel garden

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