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Eel girl For greater than years now, TikTok has come to be the move-to area for viral motion pictures, dance challenges, trending filters, and a lot greater.

But lately some of customers have began out importing clips wherein they warn others now no longer to appearance up positive matters at the internet.

One of them entails an antique movie entitled Eel Girl. Here`s what you want to realize approximately it.

A wide variety of TikTok customers have began out a fashion associated with matters that shouldn`t be appeared up at the internet. The motion pictures normally consist of random history snap shots observed with the aid of using the message: “Things you have to in no way Google.”

The listing can also additionally consist of picture snap shots, a viral video with the aid of using a content material author maximum human beings have in no way heard of, or resurfaced snap shots of a tale that acquired national interest a few years ago – earlier than the age of TikTok.

One of the matters human beings have warned in opposition to searching up is the film Eel Girl – or any pix or pictures related to it.

To our knowledge, TikTok doesn`t host snap shots from the movie – customers have best uploaded clips wherein they ask others now no longer to appearance up the film.

Remember, the motion pictures under is probably frightening, so don`t move there if you`re without difficulty spooked!


Eel Girl is a brief horror film written and directed with the aid of using Paul Campion.

The movie follows the tale of a scientist who research a peculiar half-eel, half-human creature in a stable navy laboratory.

The film, which warns it includes `mature content material`, has acquired numerous awards, such as the HP Lovecraft Festival Award for high-quality brief movie and the high-quality computer graphics class on the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival in .

Eel Girl additionally acquired nominations on the New Zealand Film and TV Awards, and Rushes Soho Shorts Festival in . So it`s now no longer precisely a dud. But is it too frightening for the internet


A wide variety of customers shared that, even as Eel Girl can simply be demanding to a few viewers, there are plenty scarier matters human beings shouldn`t appearance up.

“Put real frightening matters `now no longer to Google`. (Eel Girl) is actually now no longer frightening,” one individual reacted below the TikTok video above.

Another wrote: “To be honest, it become only a woman that looks as if a fish, now no longer that frightening.”

Someone else added: “Not frightening, it`s only a horror movie.”

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