Eel goby fish

Eel goby fish Species rubristriatus Genus Caragobius Family Gobiidae Order Perciformes Class Actinopterygii Subphylum Vertebrata Phylum Chordata Kingdom Animalia
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The Red Eel Goby is a slender, elongate fish this is brilliant crimson in existence. It is commonly determined in muddy regions, frequently estuaries.


The Red Eel Goby is a totally elongate species with lengthy primarily based totally dorsal and anal fins. It has a huge indirect mouth and rudimentary eyes.

The stay colouration of this species is bright crimson. Saville-Kent`s  unique description of the species said that the fish become rosy crimson in existence with a carmine longitudinal stripe and smaller carmine streaks branching from the longitudinal stripe that delineated the outlines of the myotomes. Its fins had been yellowish.

Fish withinside the genus Caragobius may be separated from different gobies via way of means of numerous osteological characters.

Other beneficial capabilities that may be used to differentiate Caragobius are the rounded pectoral and pelvic fins, the dorsoventral symmetry, rudimentary eyes, barely depressed head, and absence of opercular pouches and fang-like teeth.

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An 81.four mm lengthy (SL) woman Red Eel Goby from the Australian Museum Fish Collection (AMS I.21221-001). This fish become stuck via way of means of NT Fisheries in King Creek, Northern Territory, January 1978. Image: S.J. Raredon

Habitat Eel goby fish

It is a bottom-residing species this is determined in muddy estuarine regions frequently round mangroves.

Distribution Eel’s goby fish

The species is endemic to Australia, taking place from north-western Western Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland.

The map beneath indicates the Australian distribution of the species primarily based totally on public sightings and specimens in Australian Museums.

Click at the map for precise information. Source: Atlas eel2. of Living Australia. Eel’s goby fish’s

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