Eel hound

Eel hound In the annals of the Earth Kingdom, historical nomadic barbarians traveled splendid distances mounting eel hounds, sudden footslogging armies with such tactics.

A unmarried rider could deliver a couple of mounts on a journey, switching among them at the fly to hold the animals as clean and fast as possible.

In 296 BG, 8 eel hounds have been utilized by Jianzhu and of his guardsmen to facilitate clean journey via the Taihua Mountains in pursuit of Avatar Kyoshi.

They used the historical barbarians` tactic, so that once one of the animals were given tired, injured, or died, they could truely mount every other and retain their journey.

Shortly earlier than the give up of the Hundred Year War,

Piandao supplied Sokka, Suki, and Toph with such a creatures to move them to Ozai’s airship base which will prevent the Fire Lord’s airship fleet. The eel hound fast crossed the Earth Kingdom and swam towards the base, permitting its riders to board the departing fleet on the ultimate moment.

Suki later borrowed an eel hound to fast journey from Yu Dao to Cranefish Town after Sokka had despatched her a messenger hawk inviting her to return back and assist Team Avatar address the battle among benders and nonbenders.[4]

Anatomy Eel hound

The eel hound is a large, amphibious creature that reveals the capacity to swim and run fast. It is at the least 8 toes tall and kind of twenty-5 to thirty toes lengthy with darkish inexperienced scales, besides alongside its ventral side, from its jaw to its tail.


The eel hound is inexperienced in shadeation with a lighter color on its underbelly, and a darker color of inexperienced on pinnacle of its body.[1][2]

Behavior Eel’s hound

The eel hound has a totally wild nature, that can make it tough to train. As such, only a few human beings have tried to do so, making the animals now no longer normally used as mounts.[5]

Once it’s far nicely trained, however, the eel hound’s nature calms, and that they may be used for quick transportation; Piandao credited them as being the quickest recognised animal over land and water.


The eel hound is a go among a greyhound and an eel.[5] With its lengthy, effective legs, deep chest, bendy spine, and narrow construct of the greyhound blended with an elongated neck and tail just like an eel, it barely resembles a colossal greyhound and might run at comparable speeds.

They endure a mild resemblance to the Spinosauridae, just like the Ichthyovenator, Suchomimus, and Spinosaurus, because of having quick forelimbs, a protracted narrow eel2 snout, and a semiaquatic lifestyle. Eel’s hound’s

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