Eel is a fish or not

Eel is a fish or not When maximum human beings say some thing is an “eel” they typically suggest it’s miles a few kind of lengthy, skinny, sometimes-slimy fish.

But, this simply isn`t what it approach to be an eel in any respect – even a number of the eel-like animals on the Two Oceans Aquarium are absolutely unrelated!

They all have elongated our bodies.

Their dorsal (back), caudal (tail) and anal (belly) fins are fused into one lengthy fin.

They swim with the aid of using making waves with their body, which lets in them to swim backwards and forwards.
They do not have pelvic fins (the fins maximum fish use for stability).

All eels (even those that stay in freshwater) breed withinside the ocean.

Moray eels Eel is a fish or not

Moray eels are typically large, muscular fish with elongated our bodies and shiny styles and camouflage.

They are specific amongst all animals in that they use their pharyngeal jaws (a 2nd set of jaws that a few animals have internal their throats to interrupt up food) to simply trap prey with the aid of using extending them thru their mouths – a chunk just like the xenomorphs in Alien.

Credit: Geoff Spiby

Moray eels belong to the Muraenidae own circle of relatives, and are a member of the Anguilliformes order – the real eels. Their call “moray” comes from the Greek phrase muraina which simply simply approach “eel”.

Pipefish Eel is a fish or not

Pipefish seem like small snakes with armoured-plate included our bodies and elongated snouts. They are negative swimmers, and nearly constantly inhabit shallow environments like river mouths and estuaries.

Male pipefish are notable dads – every one has a pouch that it makes use of to hold the eggs till they hatch (despite the fact that they do clearly devour the eggs once they get hungry sometimes, as dads are wont to do).

Snake eel

Snake eels, just like the ocellated snake eel that we’ve on the Aquarium, get their call from their resemblance to sea snakes – a number of them actually have elongated nostrils that seem like fangs! They use their styles and colorations to imitate venomous sea snakes, which allows to discourage predators.

Many snake eels additionally surrender their fins, permitting them to burrow effortlessly to discover prey.

Ribbon eel

The maximum major characteristic of ribbon eels is their staggering nose – they use huge tubular nostrils to locate the heady fragrance of any close by prey. Ribbon eels alternate shade as they mature.

They begin lifestyles as pitch black juveniles,with girls turning absolutely yellow and adult males turning blue and yellow as they mature – just like the one in our Skretting Diversity Gallery.

Cusk eel

Cusk eels, along with kingklip which all of us understand and love in South Africa, are a various own circle of relatives of elongated fishes which might be characterized with the aid of using fins that run the period in their our bodies.

just like morays, and with the aid of using barbels under their mouths. Most cusk eels are bottom-residing, in any respect depths – a few even residing withinside the ocean’s Midnight Zone.

Gulper eel

Gulper eels have become well-known ultimate yr whilst the weirdo under become stuck on film.

These extraordinary fish are capable of extend their massive mouths a lot that they are able to devour prey regularly larger than itself! That may sound crazy,


Long, slimy and weird – hagfish meet all of the necessities to be eels right They are the handiest animals withinside the global which have skulls however eel2 no spines. Eel is a fish or not

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