Eel jelly

Eel jelly Promise to offer jellied eels a chance, OK? The call on my own stacks the chances in opposition to it on this day and age, however this London-born dish, in conjunction with partners-in-crime pie and mash, is many of the maximum anciental to live to tell the tale withinside the metropolis these days—and it clearly tastes good.

What are jellied eels?

In the 18th century, local eels have been considerable withinside the River Thames and estuary, and Dutch eel barges and fishmongers a not unusualplace sight. One reasonably-priced and smooth preparation, specially many of the East End working-magnificence poor, become to cut the eels, boil them in herbs, after which permit them to cool.

The eels could produce sufficient in their personal gelatin in order that a gentle jelly could shape across the pieces. (Today, a chunk of gelatin is regularly added.)

When the primary pie-and-mash stores started commencing withinside the nineteenth century, jellied eels—and stewed eels, boiled and served hot—have been the most effective different staple at the menu. And so it’s far these days on the handful of reliable eel-pie-and-mash stores remaining.

As for the flavor? Eel jelly

Once you get beyond the gentle texture, which may be off-putting, the flavor is great—slight and barely salty, now no longer at all “fishy.” There`s simply one bone withinside the eel to consume round. Common accompaniments are vinegar and white pepper.

Where to attempt jellied eels

The first-class area to attempt jellied eels in London is in a real-deal pie-and-mash keep. Ours got here from Clark`s (forty six Exmouth Market), withinside the midst of hip Exmouth Market. Until it closed (see below), it become a fresh blast from the beyond, hooked up in 1910: small and white-tiled inside, with timber pew-like cubicles and tables.

Alternatively: Eel jelly

The surviving conventional East End pie-and-mash stores will likewise serve jellied eels. Try M. Manze (a couple of places together with the authentic at 87 Tower Bridge Rd., map)—the oldest pie keep in  eel2 London, relationship to —or F. Eel jelly

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