Eel jerky

Eel jerky Eel fields or usually referred to as Moa, has an extended shape and texture is so slippery, even a cursory appearance very ridiculous. But who could have thought, this one animal may be processed into scrumptious meals and has a reasonably excessive dietary value.

Precisely in Kampung Balengbeng, Mayak Village, District Cibeber, Cianjur regency, West Java, the craftsmen make eel as processed jerky meals.

In general, processed jerky ingredients crafted from red meat, Eel jerky

however on this region rice eels, made processed ingredients which have excessive dietary value, which include protein and magnesium, so it’s far taken into consideration to bolster bones.

Making eel jerky seems very simple, first eel that has been bought from the farmers, wiped clean first till break up and flattened flat. After that, eel once more washed with water till clean, and prepared to take delivery of spice.

To make this red meat jerky may be very simple, simply given cilantro, garlic, salt, and additionally sugar. After blended spices, those eels are then dried withinside the solar for two days, till the feel of this eel dries.

Once deemed dry, the eels are re-raised, then fried for a while, and Jerky Beetle is prepared to serve.

Craftsman Jerky, Asep Mukdas, explaining the manufacture of red meat jerky has been finished because .

For him, making processed meals eel jerky isn’t always so difficult, due to the fact the components of manufacture turned into smooth to obtain.

In a day, this craftsman is capable of manner 60 kg of red meat jerky, to be advertised in and out of doors Cianjur regency, which include Jakarta, and huge towns in West Java. In fact, orders got here from overseas which include Malaysia and Singapore.

Eel’s jerky produced on this region has 2 taste variants, particularly candy jerky and dried jerky’s.Eel’s jerky’s

For 1 percent of jerky, the artisans promote it for Rp. 20.000, -. In addition to jerky, artisans additionally offer a lot of different eel processed, which eel2 include¬† eel fried flour. Eel’s jerky’s

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