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Eel juice Peculiarities; they may be now no longer proper eels, however are a form of fish – and a form of fish that wishes to respire air. The South American predator of river bottoms can attain forty kilos in length and supply a deadly surprise to humans.

They use energy for some of functions apart from stunning their prey, as a navigation aid, to speak with others of its type and to stumble on unmoving prey through making its muscle mass twitch.

Martha Foley and Curt Stager talk the existence cycle of a stunning species.

Martha Foley: Eel juice

We have talked earlier than approximately electric powered eels. But, I pay attention they`re now no longer eels at all, and that there`s masses greater to recognise.

So, go—what do you recognize approximately eels that we didn`t recognise the ultimate time we pointed out electric powered eels

MF: This I`m very happy of, due to the fact the surprise can kill you?

CS: Can kill you, yes, so that`s a terrific factor for us. They stay in South America, the Amazon River and the Orinoco River, such things as that in which it`s actual muddy and darkish down on the lowest there.

So it`s difficult to see, and that they`re predators, so that they should hunt and get round down there so that they use their electric powered fields to echo-discover you can say to form of inform in which they may be, and to seize prey with, and additionally to speak with every different with.

We name them eels due to the fact they`re form of lengthy. They may be like forty kilos in weight, you recognize they`re huge, and that they appearance form of like an eel however they`re technically now no longer an eel.

One manner to inform is that this fin they’ve that runs down their complete facet like a huge lengthy curtain and has those ripples that move.

There`s some thing form of associated with it you can have visible it in an aquarium; they`re referred to as a knife fish, they`re form of lengthy and that they`ve were given the identical form of fin.

MF: But they`re now no longer a fish, right?

CS: They`re a fish, however they`re now no longer a actual eel, technically speaking. They`re a fish that`s were given an eel shape, you can say – an electric powered fish. And they`re air breathers, that is form of neat.

They should arise each 10 mins or less, in any other case they drown—that is a form of humorous factor to mention for a fish!

MF: Yeah, I don`t think about fish as drowning like that, however I`ll go together with that, okay.

CS: And one of the different cool matters I discovered out approximately them became that ladies lay masses and masses of eggs, perhaps 17,000 eggs in a mass, and the male makes those large bubbles, form of like a spittlebug does. Have you ever visible that during a meadow

MF: Yes, they`re actually huge.

CS: It`s like a huge foam nest. And then he guards the nest with the eggs in it, till the wet season comes and the river floods and washes them out of the banks of the river into those shallow regions in which they are able to develop.

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CS: The neatest factor is simply the humans that examine the electrical factor they do. We already knew that they speak, they navigate, and that they hunt with it. So they are able to set free a huge surprise, you recognize, one amp or six hundred watts of energy popping out of here.

MF: Just a touch touch?

CS: And it makes the nerves hearthplace off of their prey and that they provide a touch twitch. And in the event that they move, in a cut up 2d they allow the entire electric powered pulse exit after which they such them up of their mouths.

MF: Well this is quite green I might think. Especially in case you do not have mild, in case you can not see, you are now no longer smelling the prey. Yeah, wow.

CS: It form of reminded me, in case you’re going to take a image of someone with a flash digital digicam and also you do not need their students to be extensive and get that pink eye withinside the

MF: Oh, you do the

CS: The little flash-flash-flash, the little flickering of the flash first to make your eyes go, after which it offers you the entire flash. That’s what the electrical eels are doing with their electric powered fields.

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