Eel korean food

Eel korean food Every meal in Korea is an occasion and revel in, cautiously idea out, so I`ll be writing approximately Korean meals and food lots as I get to jot down up the Korean trip. This become the primary meals revel in on our remaining trip.

We went to Eel Village, in Yong-In, a metropolis a bit south of Seoul. In Korean “eel” interprets as “lengthy fish”, and this become eel served Korean-style.

Jongsoo explains the eel meal to us

eelgrillOur hosts (Jongsoo Chang and Mi Kwon) for the primary weekend in Korea took us right here for our first meal in Korea in this trip, and it become a extremely good advent to Korean cuisine, one of the world`s finest.

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This is a nearby, very informal conventional vicinity that essentially serves most effective eels. Each simple timber desk has a desk grill plate over charcoal withinside the middle and a steel chimney that may be raised and lowered.

You order your eels, which the man then fishes out of a massive tank proper there withinside the restauant, wherein they’re swimming around.

He plops them in a massive bucket and takes them away, and later they re-appear, wiped clean and chopped on a rack that`s positioned on the recent desk grill. You may have them simply salted, or with a crimson pepper sauce.

Put a chunk of eel on a leaf Eel korean food

While you wait, many little plates appear—with kimchi (the well-known Korean pickled/fermented vegetable dish), massive slices of pickled radish, lettuce leaves, seaweed in small sheets, sparkling chopped ginger, slices of garlic and onion, perilla (shiso) leaves, and numerous sauces.

The trick is to take a leaf or sheet of seaweed, placed on a chunk of eel, multiple radishes or anything more you fancy, a chunk of sauce, after which wrap it and devour together along with your fingers.

wrap it, and dad for your mouth

wineThese eels are an awful lot large than those I bear in mind from Japan and served a chunk differently, however very tasty. When the eels are finished, all of us receives a bowl of both steamed rice, or noodles (we had noodles).

All quite a few amusing to revel in. And the coolest factor is that you could choose whichever condiments you want.

We attempted the entirety besides the highly spiced kimchi and a crimson-warm sauce. All washed down through a nearby fruit wine—without a doubt pretty dry eel2 and now no longer awful for a wine! Eel korean food

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