Eel on musk meme

Eel on musk meme For individuals who observe Elon Musk`s initiatives, along with however now no longer restricted to Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company, the engineer and investor looks as if a futurist`s godsend.

The forty six yr vintage billionaire is this kind of excessive profile visionary that you`ve probable heard of him, even in case your concept of stunning tech is one of these plastic cassette tapes that helps you to play your iPhone five via your shitty car`s speaker system.

Musk has lengthy been a meme-capin a position figure, aleven though his hobby in America`s technological destiny wasn`t solidified in a principal comic story shape earlier than this week.

Musk additionally has a records of quietly fav-ing memes, and meme creators have a tendency to tag him withinside the hopes that he’ll descend from his pulpit and toss them a “like”.

It appears Musk memes started out shooting up while net customers started out placing the CEO`s face in vicinity of Drake withinside the still-popular “Drake Approves” template.

Putting a happy-searching Drake subsequent to an photo, Eel on musk meme

observed through an sad searching Drake subsequent to a comparable photo is colloquially called “Drakeposting”, and those had been doing it constantly because the Hotline Bling track video first dropped in 2015.

WHAT DOES ELON LIKE? Eel’s on musk’s meme

First, right here are the funniest memes approximately Musk`s likes and dislikes. You`ll word that lots of those memes are coming from the Instagram account.

God-Emperor Musk, which surely shared Inverse`s tackle Musk and Game of Thrones while we referenced its meme as a part of our theory. The Musk fandom eel2 is an ouroboros. Eel’s on musk’s meme’s

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