Eel on sushi

Eel on sushi Unagi Sushi Rolls are packed with bbq eel, crunchy cucumber, then rolled in nori seaweed sheet and sushi rice! I want to drizzle it with scrumptious unagi sauce for a further taste.

This eel sushi is a famous Japanese sushi object and certainly considered one among my preferred sushi rolls. In this selfmade recipe, you may discover ways to make sushi rice, a way to put together unagi, and a way to roll the sushi!

I love making Japanese sushi at home, a number of my favorites are Boston Rolls, Tuna Nigiri, California Roll, and this scrumptious unagi roll.


Unagi Sushi is a kind of Maki sushi (rolled sushi) made through rolling substances in nori seaweed sheet and pro rice.

The key component is unagi or freshwater eel, which is thought for the bold, rich, certainly candy taste, and tender texture. It`s a famous component in lots of Japanese dishes.


Unagi: Traditional unagi sushi incorporates grilled BBQ unagi (eel), a cooked fish flavored with teriyaki sauce or unagi sauce. It`s to be had withinside the frozen phase at neighborhood Japanese grocery stores, or you could order canned unagi on-line from Amazon.
Cucumber or Avocado: You can upload cucumber strips or avocado slices in your roll. I additionally delivered a few inexperienced onions for added taste.


A splendid sushi roll begins offevolved with correct sushi rice, so one can live fluffy even after it`s tightly rolled. So use brilliant short-grain rice for sushi rolls.

I endorse the use of much less water than cooking normal rice. The exceptional water to rice ratio is 1:1 (or use 1.2:1 in case you select softer rice).

Once cooked, switch the new rice to a huge bowl and allow it quiet down barely. When it`s nevertheless very warm, stir withinside the sushi vinegar (the aggregate of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt).


Placing unagi on a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Take the unagi from the bundle and bake at 360F for 10-12 mins or in line with the bundle instruction. Then reduce it into half of inch strips.


For this recipe, the rice is at the outdoor, overlaying the nori and fillings.

Unagi Sushi recipe: step 1 and a pair of photos.
1. You`ll want 1\/2 of a nori sheet for one roll. So reduce the sheet into halves with kitchen scissors.

2. Lay out your bamboo mat with a bit of plastic wrap on pinnacle. Then location the nori sheet on pinnacle of the bamboo shining facet dealing with down.

Unagi Sushi recipe: step three and four photos.
three. Evenly unfold rice (approximately three/four cup) over nori. And sprinkle sesame seeds.

4. Then turn the sheet and upload unagi slices and cucumber, inexperienced onions (or some other fillings) to the center of the nori sheet.

5. Place the thumbs under the bamboo mat and raise the brink up and over the filling. Roll the bamboo mat farfar from you and press the rice and filling together. Keep rolling till the ends meet.

6. Cut the roll into eight pieces. Drizzle unagi sauce on pinnacle of the sushi for a few greater scrumptious taste. Serve and experience immediately.

PRO TIPS Eel on sushi

To save you the rice from sticking in your arms: Before coping with rice, you could dip your arms in Tezu water, that’s a hand dipping liquid made with 1/four cup eel2 water and a pair of teaspoons of rice vinegar. Eel on sushi

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