Eel pie island

Eel pie island The call might also additionally have come from eel pies which had been served with the aid of using the hotel at the island withinside the nineteenth century.

Its in advance names chronologically had been the Parish Ait and Twickenham Ait, the latter co-present till as a minimum the 1880s. Before the nineteenth century it changed into for lots centuries 3 elements prominent with the aid of using their proudness above the normal suggest excessive water mark.

Early history Eel pie island

Some mesolithic crimson deer antler bone hand-made implements had been retrieved from the island`s shore.

Eel Pie House Eel pie island

An hotel changed into at the Ait with the aid of using 1743 and withinside the nineteenth century it changed into a famous preventing factor for steamer excursions. When a brand new hotel changed into constructed in 1830 to update it, the previous venue changed into rather referred to as a “dingy timber cottage” or an “unassuming however famous little barn”.

Samuel Lewis’s countrywide gazetteer of 1848 devotes a big minority of the textual content overlaying Twickenham to the island; pronouncing it is:

referred to as Twickenham Ait. This island contains approximately 8 acres, mainly pleasure-grounds, and withinside the centre is the Eel-Pie House, stated for the ultimate centuries as a favorite hotel for refreshment and endeavor to water parties, and folks repairing hither [coming here] for the enjoyment of fishing;

the vintage constructing changed into taken down in 1830, and a commodious edifice, comprising an awesome assembly-room measuring 50 ft with the aid of using 15, erected at the web website online.

The ait is recorded in as a minimum awesome elements in designated maps till the give up of the nineteenth century; the west element changed into constructed up in top and measured 7.a hundred and sixty acres (2.nine ha).

Its named capabilities had been a big Boat House, the Island Hotel, a bowling inexperienced withinside the west and the Thames Electric & Steam Launch Works. The east give up is marked with marsh plantation and at risk of flood; it changed into withinside the identical maps measured at 1.775 acres (0.7 ha) and collectively the elements shape the identical land as today.

A bridge changed into proposed to Middlesex County Council or the Metropolitan Borough of Twickenham in 1889. A set of rope pulleys operated withinside the early twentieth century for supporting transporting mild goods. It changed into now no longer till 1957 that the primary bridge to the ait changed into completed.

Pink Floyd

In , the lodge changed into compelled to shut due to the fact the proprietor couldn’t meet the £200,000 price of maintenance demanded with the aid of using police. In 1969, the membership in brief reopened as Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden, with bands including Black Sabbath, The Edgar Broughton Band, Stray, Genesis, and Hawkwind (then called Hawkwind Zoo) acting there.

In 1969, the lodge changed into occupied with the aid of using a small organization of neighborhood anarchists which includes illustrator Clifford Harper. By 1970 the Eel Pie Island Commune had turn out to be the UK’s biggest hippie commune.

The constructing had with the aid of using now fallen into disrepair and changed into positioned below a demolition order. However, in 1971 the Eel Pie Island Hotel burned down in a mysterious hearthplace.

The centre of the island changed into devastated with the aid of using hearthplace in , and a 12 months later, the best footbridge to the island changed into broken with the aid of using a utilities contractor. A new footbridge opened in August 1998.

Description and uses

The island has approximately 50 homes, one hundred twenty population and or 3 boatyards, in addition to a few different small agencies and artists’ studios.

It has nature reserves at each ends, included from public get admission to. All plots and walkways are privately owned. The public can get admission to the island’s important pathway from the bridge, which does now no longer skirt or forget any of its shore.


For short intervals every 12 months, generally in June and December, 26 studios in and round a operating boatyard, together called Eel Pie Island Art Studios, open to the public, allowing them to experience and purchase the artists’ works.

Associated places

The Eel Pie Studios, additionally called the Oceanic Studios, occupies The Boathouse, Twickenham at the mainland nearby. When owned with the aid of using Pete Townshend it changed into tailored and used for worldwide pinnacle 100-charting pop and rock recordings.

Townshend’s eel2. publishing company, Eel Pie Publishing, is likewise named after the ait. Eel pie island

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