Eel pit

Eel pit No one loves aquatic natural world extra than Nick Tobler, the “eel daddy” whose basement eel pit made him a TikTok star

NICK TOBLER HAS a as a substitute uncommon habit, even for a immediately man: he increases eels in his basement. Tobler, who is going through cowturtle, has collected 205,000 fans who music into his TIkTok channel to observe his eel daddy adventures.

It all commenced final March, while Tobler moved into a brand new residence and got here to a end that few different human beings possibly might:

that his basement might be the best location for an eel pond. He installation air pumps and a cinder block boardwalk for him to stroll on, and stuffed the pond with a few different small sea creatures like goldfish to create the suitable eel oasis.

“I`ve usually been [interested in aquatic life],” the saltwater-aquarium save proprietor says in this week`s episode of Don`t Let This Flop, Rolling Stone`s podcast approximately net culture.

“[It probably started] from looking Steve Irwin after which with Pokemon and Animal Crossing, and once I wasn`t gambling that I`d simply be out withinside the woods catching stuff.”

Tobler has lengthy toyed with the opportunity of constructing an “animal enclosure” internal his home, however the basement in his new residence supplied the best possibility to elevate eels specifically, because the fish love cold, darkish water.

“It`s completely waterproof,” he says. “Right now it`s a cave. Down the road, I would possibly flip it right into a swamp. There are countless opportunities for me.”

 authentic sound – cowturtle Eel pit

Many of the remarks are thirsting after Tobler, regarding him as an “eel daddy” or attempting to connect to him through bonding over a shared hobby over aquatic natural world.

“A lot of quite ladies are DM`ing me, so that`s quite cool,” he says. Others, however, have expressed horror on the concept of a person constructing an eel pit in his basement, calling the concept creepy, which Tobler says he understands.

“I`m now no longer a violent or horrifying man or woman at all, however it’s far a darkish hole,” he says of his eel basement.

“I`m searching throughout my residing room proper now to a few tarantulas I`ve were given over there. At one factor my walk-in-closet turned into simply wall-to-wall scorpions. So yeah, I`ve were given exceptional tastes for sure.”

In addition to presenting Tobler as Himbo of the Week, this week on Don`t Let This Flop co-hosts Brittany Spanos and Ej Dickson additionally talk why influencers are refusing to weigh in on abortion rights, Jack Harlow`s attractive unmarried affirming his love for Dua Lipa, and Chet Hanks.


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