Eel quiz

Eel quiz  On average, how quick can an electric powered eel produce an electric powered shock
three hundred milliseconds
three milliseconds
three,000 milliseconds
three seconds

 What are the specialised cells an electric powered eel makes use of to provide energy called?

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About This Quiz & Worksheet Eel quiz

This quiz will ask you numerous questions on electric powered eels. You`ll want to recognize how they make energy, how they breathe, and what kind of animal they are.

Know how electric powered eels breathe

Understand how quick an electric powered eel could make an electric powered shock

Remember what electric powered eels use to make energy
Tell which experience electric powered eels do not have a lot of

Determine what kind of animal an electric powered eel is
Skills Practiced

You’ll get exercise the use of the subsequent skills:

Information recall – keep in mind what you realize approximately the manner electric powered eels breathe
Knowledge application – use what you realize approximately electric powered eels to reply questions on their capacity to make energy
Reading comprehension – put off vital statistics from the electrical eel lesson

Additional Learning Eel quiz

If you need to examine extra approximately this kind of animal, assessment the lesson named Electric Eel Facts: Lesson for Kids. The lesson will assist you:

Learn how lengthy electric powered eels live
Know in which you may locate electric powered eels
Understand what eel2 the word ”nocturnal” means Eel quiz

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