Eel reproduction

Eel reproduction The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) is indexed as an endangered species and the modern eel fishery is appeared as unsustainable. It is but now no longer feasible to breed this species in captivity.

Eel aquaculture manufacturing is based solely on wild stuck people and does now no longer make a contribution to a discount of fishery pressure.

In the long time a way to artificially reproduce eels may want to assist to sustainably use the European eel and to guide the stock. However, fundamental problems in eel duplicate want to be triumph over to acquire this goal.

Background and Objective

The goal of this challenge is to decorate the synthetic duplicate of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Germany. Investigation and improvement of choicest protecting and rearing situations for eels, eggs and larvae shall allow a everlasting manufacturing of wholesome eel larvae.

Holding and rearing centers are evolved in cooperation with Kunststoff-Spranger GmbH, Plauen and in cooperation with the University of Hamburg and BlueBioTech GmbH, B├╝sum we behavior studies at the improvement of appropriate meals objects for eel larvae.

Approach Eel reproduction

The managed maturation of woman and male eels changed into brought on with the aid of using repeated hormone applications. The impact of various hormones and concentrations at the maturation system changed into investigated and fertilization and egg incubation methods have been established.

Furthermore, artificially produced eggs have been examined for contaminants which are probably poisonous for copy as a way to verify the maternal switch of those compounds.

Satellite transmitters have been used to analyze the behaviour of matured woman eels withinside the spawning location.

Our Research Questions

Which protecting situations guide the synthetic maturation of eels? Which situations permit the fine fertilization success, egg survival and hatching of larvae? Is it feasible to feed eel larvae with objects primarily based totally on gelatinous plankton?

Results Eel reproduction

The synthetic maturation of woman and male eels changed into finished and correctly synchronized. Eggs have been regularly fertilized and the hatch of wholesome larvae changed into reached repeatedly.

The existence span of unmarried larvae changed into prolonged to 23 days. Extenxive feeding trials, however, couldn’t be carried out because of excessive larvae mortalities.

For the primary time, the maternal switch of unmarried contaminants which are probably poisonous for copy changed into proven for the European eel.

The consequences of the behaviour of matured eels withinside the spawning location are eel2 presently analysed. Eel reproduction

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