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Eel restaurant We have organized for you 30 of the maximum famous and encouraged eel eating places in Japan. Take a examine a number of the first-class eating places Japan has to offer.

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1. Unagi Akasaka Sekine

Akasaka Residential Hotel 1F, 9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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A Michelin-starred, excessive-magnificence eel eating place that calls for reservations. The eating place has counter seats and personal rooms with a comfortable surroundings.

The eating place makes use of most effective home eel from new child and hineko eels, and the freshly grilled eel is a delicacy that may be loved with all 5 senses.

In addition to eel, the eating place additionally gives fugu (blowfish) and suppon (turtle) courses, and its aspect dishes also are famous and of a excessive standard. It is tough to make a reservation at this well-known eel eating place.

2. Kabuto Eel restaurant

Ikebukuro ES Building 1F, 2-53-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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A world-well-known eel eating place in Ikebukuro. Basically, it’s far simply one omakase path. This is the only and most effective vicinity to revel in a complete path of eel. If you turn out to be a everyday customer, you could additionally order grilled skewers.

Reservations are extraordinarily tough to return back by, and it’s far stated that there may be now a one or 12 months ready list. The sight of the proprietor dealing with and grilling the eel over-the-counter is breathtaking.

3. Unagi-tei Tomoe

Unagi-tei Tomoeiri in Odawara is a famous eating place wherein human beings line up as quickly because it opens. The eating place may be very unique approximately the use of most effective very valuable inexperienced eels or their equivalent.

They do now no longer take reservations, however you need to allow them to recognise earlier than you go to due to the fact they could reserve eels for you.

4. Nuriya Izumicho Odori

A long-mounted eel uniqueness eating place in Mito. You can flavor now no longer most effective eel however additionally loach. The flavor of the eel is superb, with a sophisticated taste with out a fishy smell.

5. Unagi Uomasa

Unagi Uomasa is an eel eating place placed approximately a minute stroll from Yotsugi Station. You can revel in the flavor of what they call “unique order stay eel,” a completely unique approach of grilling the first-class first-class eel of the instant over Kishu-binchotan charcoal.

6. Eel Musashino Eel restaurant

A famous eel eating place wherein you could flavor new-cub eel. You can greater than flavor the authentic taste of the eel with its mild sauce, charcoal-grilled eel2 skin, and plump meat. Eel restaurant

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