Eel roll

Eel roll Unagi Sushi (Eel Hand Roll) is a famous sushi roll proposing Japanese eel cooked in a wealthy umami sauce, then rolled in pro sushi rice and nori.

This easy hand roll comes collectively in much less than 10 mins and is ideal for novices making sushi for the primary time.

Unagi sushi (eel hand roll) with unagi, sesame seeds, and cucumber on a blue plate.

Given how clean this hand roll is to make, we adore to make it for a easy and engaging lunch. This roll pairs flawlessly with facets like our Furikake and Lemon Shishito Peppers, Spicy Tuna Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls), or a Spicy Ahi Bowl.


Taste – The unagi and cucumber are mild and candy whilst the unagi sauce provides a completely unique umami bbq taste.
Texture – The cucumber and nori are crunchy whilst the unagi is soft and soft. The eel sauce is thick and nearly syrupy.

Effort – This selfmade hand roll is a whole lot simpler than normal sushi and does now no longer require a whole lot skill.

Time – It takes approximately a 1/2 of hour to prepare dinner dinner the rice then some other 10 mins to put together the components and collect the roll. As you get higher at making hand rolls, the time it takes to collect will decrease.


Unagi is Japanese freshwater eel. It is regularly offered pre marinated and pre cooked thru a procedure referred to as kabayaki. Through kabayaki, the eel is cut up down the back, gutted, deboned, and reduce into square fillets.

The eel fillets are then marinated in a candy sauce and grilled. Finally, the eel is vacuum sealed and frozen earlier than it’s miles offered in stores.


Ingredients for unagi sushi eel hand roll.


Mirin – Mirin is a Japanese candy rice wine that provides umami taste and is the bottom of many Japanese sauces and marinades.
Granulated sugar – Sugar provides sweetness to the sauce.

Sake – Sake provides savoriness.

Soy sauce – Soy sauce, or shoyu in Japanese, is an crucial condiment in Japanese cooking. It provides wealthy savory and umami flavors to the sauce.


Rice – Japanese brief grain rice is first-rate for sushi due to the fact it’s miles each sticky and fluffy sufficient to keep its shape. The rice is likewise gently salted for taste.

Seasoned rice vinegar (sushi vinegar) – Seasoned rice vinegar is delivered to white rice to make sushi rice. The vinegar provides a mild candy and tart taste.

Unagi – Unagi is nice and mild with a fishy texture. It tastes scrumptious whilst cooked in unagi sauce.

Cucumber – Cucumber provides a candy crunch. Japanese cucumbers (Kyuri) are top-rated due to the fact they’re barely sweeter than their American and European counterparts. They even have a thinner and barely crispier skin.

Nori seaweed sheets – Nori is dried Japanese seaweed used to wrap and preserve the rice and filling collectively. Nori sheets additionally tastes scrumptious with the alternative components.
Sesame seeds – Toasted eel2 sesame seeds upload a moderate and nutty taste Eel roll

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