Eel sauce

Eel sauce If you`ve made my unagi or unagi sushi earlier than, you’ll be acquainted with unagi sauce. It`s the cause each dishes flavor super and are so flexible, you`ll be including it to the entirety!

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Eel Sauce With three Ingredients | Authentic Unagi Sauce Recipe
What is eel sauce?
Also referred to as Unagi No Tare and Nitsume, eel sauce is a sweet, sticky, and umami sauce. Essentially, it`s nearly like a thicker soy sauce.


It`s an important element to any dishes that contain Unagi (eel) however is likewise famous with sushi, gyoza, or even red meat negimaki.

While there are business manufacturers you may purchase at grocery stores, it’s so plenty less complicated and tastier to make at home! It wishes simply three elements and takes mins to make.

We love to apply it as a dipping sauce or to jazz up a few protein. If you want Japanese sauces, you can want to strive katsu sauce or tempura sauce.

Eel sauce
Eel sauce

Ingredients to make unagi sauce

As stated earlier, you handiest want three elements to make this sauce. If you`ve made any of my different Japanese recipes earlier than, you possibly have the entirety on hand. Here is what you`ll want:

How to make eel sauce

Simple is an irony to make this recipe. It follows a easy 2-step method and is so scrumptious!

Step 1- Heat elements Eel sauce

Start with the aid of using including all of the elements right into a small saucepan. Place it over medium warmth and produce it to a simmer. Reduce the warmth to low and permit it simmer for a in addition 4-five mins, or till it has thickened up.

Step 2- Let it thicken Eel sauce

Now, get rid of the saucepan off the warmth and permit it attain room temperature. Give it a stir and use without delay or save it to apply later.

Tips to make the nice recipe

You need to permit the sauce simmer till it reduces significantly, in any other case it won`t be as sticky or thick.

If you’ll opt for a thicker sauce, upload 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Be certain to whisk it properly very into the aggregate in any other case clumps will display up.

Feel loose to feature spices or herbs like purple pepper flakes,

minced garlic, or ginger.
Storage info

Leftovers may be saved withinside the refrigerator, covered, for up to at least one week. Be certain to present it a very good stir earlier than the use of it, as there can be a touch separation.

Place the sauce in a pitcher jar and save it withinside the freezer for up to 2 months.

What else to apply this sauce with

The splendor of this sauce is simply how flexible it is. Because it has traits much like BBQ sauce, you may use it in a plethora of ways. Here are eel2 a few ideas: Eel sauce

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