Eel slapper

Eel slapper Slippery morae eel is while a man with a crooked d-ck is doing a lady domestic dog fashion withinside the puss and pulls out and sticks it in a few vaseline after which jams it in her -ss with out her knowing.

slit slapper

someone that profits pride in slapping womens slits. individual 1 -“oh sh-t, i simply slapped your slit to f-ckery.” individual 2 – “slap it again, you gunt funting slit slapper”

slit spit Eel slapper

popular time period for -j-c-l-t- or different fluids produced through the woman genitalia, normally at some point of s-xual arousal. joe – “so did you manipulate to get a trip out of that slapper you have been chatting up final night?” seb – “yeah, the grimy sl-t honestly flooded my mattress with slit spit” joe – “hmm, i suppose i […]


what a girl does with atypical guys she met on public boards for the primary date queensprfxrulz went away for a spa weekend, were given caught paying the whole invoice in order that she may be a slobbersl-t a girl that, on public boards, writes express s-xual interest to guys. the slobbersl-t is the maximum famous girl

slobbery seconds

if you have s-x with a lady proper after your canine has had s-x with her “howdy baby. let`s have s-x.” -sparky the canine “okay.” -lady “howdy baby. let`s have s-x.” -sparky`s owner “okay. i wager you`re getting slobbery seconds.” -lady

mostenwise Eel slapper

normally; maximum of the time i live farfar from the `possums, `purpose eel2 mostenwise they`ll come proper at you! yow! Eel slapper

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