Eel tailed catfish

Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s The eel-tailed catfish, Tandanus tandanus, is a species of catfish (order Siluriformes) of the own circle of relatives Plotosidae. This fish is likewise called dewfish, freshwater catfish’s, jewfish, and tandan. Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

This species is a freshwater fish local to the Murray-Darling river device of jap Australia. The clinical call for eel-tailed catfish comes from a call for the fish in an unidentified Aboriginal Australian language – Tandan – which Major Thomas Livingston Mitchell recorded on his 1832 expedition.

Description Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

Eel-tailed catfish usually develop to approximately centimetres (19.7 in) and weigh approximately 1.eight kilograms ( lb).

Fish of this species can also additionally develop as much as approximately cm (35.four in) and weigh as much as kg (13.2 lb). Eel-tailed catfish can also additionally stay as much as approximately eight years.

Eel’s-tailed’s catfish’s have big head with thick and fleshy lips and tubular nostrils. The pores and skin is hard and smooth. Body color in adults range from olive-inexperienced to brown, black or purplish on their backs and white at the underside.

A downturned mouth with fleshy lips surrounded via way of means of some of barbels help them with feeding. They are a solid, nearly cylindrical, elongate fish, with the posterior 1/2 of in their frame tapering right into a pointed eel-like tail. A non-stop fin margin surrounds this tapering posterior 1/2 of of the frame. Their eyes are small.

The eel-tail catfish has four pairs of barbels surrounding the mouth, and sharp serrated dorsal- and pectoral-fin spines which can be venomous and may purpose a totally painful wound.

Ecology Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

The eel-tailed catfish inhabits gradual shifting streams, lakes and ponds with fringing vegetation. It swims near the sand or gravel bottoms. This species is greater considerable in lakes than in flowing water.

Though they may be typically solitary, juveniles can also additionally shape aggregations. The eel-tailed catfish is discovered in maximum freshwater habitats of the Murray-Darling river device besides for the upland, sub-alpine and alpine headwaters of southern tributaries.

It is likewise found in speciated however undescribed bureaucracy in numerous east coast structures in northern New South Wales because of herbal river seize events.

Juvenile eel-tailed catfish feed on zooplankton, and small insects, especially chironomid larvae. Fish over approximately a hundred mm additionally devour small fish even as adults encompass shrimps, crayfish withinside the hotter months and midge larvae in winter.

In addition, they devour mollusks and dragonfly, caddis and mayfly larvae. The eel-tailed catfish is host for some of intestinal parasites together with cestodes and nematodes.

Eel’s-tailed catfish spawn in spring and midsummer, whilst the water temperature will increase to among 20–24 °C (68–75 °F. The nest is constructed approximately one or weeks earlier than spawning.

They construct big nests as much as a metre in diameter with small stones and gravel, inside which the eggs are laid. One parent, occasionally each, defend the eggs till they hatch.


Freshwater Catfish have been as soon as vast in jap Australia, however, populations have suffered intense declines in each distribution and abundance for the reason that .

The Murray-Darling populations of eel-tailed catfish has declined appreciably over current decades. Most populations withinside the southern 1/2 of of the Murray-Darling river device are extinct or almost so. The species stays tremendously not unusualplace in coastal catchments from the Hunter River (NSW) north.

Numerous elements are notion to have contributed to the decline of Freshwater Catfish eel2. populations withinside the Murray-Darling Basin for the reason that  Eel’s tailed’s catfish’s

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