Eel trap

Eel trap Everyone loves a very good eel now and then, however it appears they have got emerge as some thing of a rarity withinside the shops! Most British streams and rivers are “teeming” with eels however, and there are numerous approaches of having them from out of the water, and into your pot.

The Theory Eel trap

basically, the concept is that a material bag, full of straw/hay/newspaper and bait will entice eels, which bite thru the bag and could nevertheless be withinside the bag while you haul it up. Note that the bag MUST be material and NOT PLASTIC!

1. A material bag, or in case you are terrible like me, a stolen t-blouse
2. Some hay or straw or newspaper
3. Bait. Can be offal, rabbit blood, your personal blood, or a 12lb steak, or a red meat chop relying on how an awful lot you need to waste your cash on some thing so that it will become at the lowest of a river with eels writhing round among it.
4. If the use of a t-blouse, you`ll additionally want a few string
5. and scissors or a knife to reduce it with
6. any individual who doesnt thoughts having their arm savaged, or a leather-based glove, or an oz of carefulness and not unusualplace sense. (eels get rather “bitey”

What to Do3 More Images Eel’s trap

if the use of a t-blouse, use the string to tie up the lowest and sleeves.

stuff a few hay/straw in, then the bait.

tie up the neck of the bag/t-blouse with round 10yards extra

throw into the water, eels generally choose hotter water, so search for the regions wherein the solar hits, additionally weed or different cowl are locations wherein eels lurk.

tie the trailing 10yds of the string to a tree or simply push a piece of stick into the floor for an anchor

move home/nod off in ditch

go back subsequent day and pull up bag

if eels are inner, take them out *carefully!!* and kill them with the aid of using reducing off their head or bludgeoning it on a rock.

gut, then positioned guts lower back inner bag, tie up hollow wherein eel chewed it is manner in and throw lower back in river.

if bag is empty, discover eel2 a higher spot and attempt again. Eel’s trap’s

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