Eel trap

Eel trap Silver eels are grownup eels prepared to make their manner down via river structures to begin their adventure closer to the Sargasso Sea, south-east of Florida.

Eel Harvest Eel trap

The trapping and delivery of silver eels started out in . This programme runs alongside the Shannon and Erne river structures and is meant to growth the numbers of eels leaving our shores.

It is backed through ESB to offset the harm prompted to eel migration through their hydro producing schemes which had been established at the river Shannon and Erne.

How it works Eel’s trap

The lure and delivery programme facilitates get eels competently round boundaries on our rivers, such hydroelectric schemes which might be dams used to divert water to massive electric powered generators at the Shannon and Erne structures.

Every yr among September and March, conventional eel fishermen are allowed to capture migratory silver eels at exact places upstream of the hydroelectric schemes.

Fishing for eels is centered throughout the durations whilst eels are maximum probably migrating – generally throughout darkish moonless nights, floods and whilst the wind path is right.

Once caught, the eels are transferred to massive freshwater tanks that have oxygen effervescent via them. Then, they’re moved through street and launched downstream of the hydroelectric schemes.

We paintings to make certain that the fishermen are adhering to the regulations and policies of the programme. We additionally test at the fitness of the silver eels earlier than they’re transported through street.

On the Shannon system, silver eels are launched at Parteen Weir in which once more our officials test on their condition.

The eels are then unfastened to maintain their onward migration adventure to their spawning grounds, over 5000 km away withinside the eel2 Sargasso Sea Eel’s trap’s

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