Eel unagi

Eel unagi Unagidon is a high priced dish made with grilled eel lined in a unique candy and sticky sauce served on rice. It`s normally loved as a summer time season deal with and right here I will educate you a way to put together and prepare dinner dinner eel, in addition to make the scrumptious unagi sauce from scratch!

Unagi don (Japanese Grilled Eel Rice Bowl) sprinkled with sansho Japanese pepper
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Unagi donburi is definitely a bowl of cooked rice crowned with grilled eel lined in a candy sticky glaze, and is one of the maximum not unusualplace summer time season traditions in Japan. It is crowned with a unique unagi sauce poured over the rice, with grilled eel positioned on pinnacle of the bowl and the sauce poured over again.

The primary Japanese manner to consume is to consume it with sansho (Japanese pepper) as a condiment. I for my part suppose unagi don isn’t entire with out sansho.

Despite the name “donburi,” spherical lacquer bowls are regularly used in place of the ceramic bowls normally used for donburi.

Unagi don (Japanese Grilled Eel Rice Bowl) sprinkled with sansho Japanese pepper with pickles pinnacle down


The records of ingesting eels in Japan truly dates lower back lots of years . Evidence of Japan’s eel eating tradition turned into observed at some point of excavations that discovered numerous shell middens containing strains of eel bones and are believed to this point lower back as a ways as 5,000 years ago.

However, it turned into now no longer till the Edo length (1603-1867) that eel started out to take root as a meals in earnest. There are diverse theories approximately the starting place of unagi don, however a ee-e book posted in 1885 states that it turned into first made via way of means of Okubo Imasuke, a theatrical entertainer who turned into keen on eels.

The concept is going that it turned into positioned in a bowl on pinnacle of the rice, after which crowned with greater rice if you want to maintain the warmth upon delivery. Not best did this approach maintain the eel warm, however it additionally tasted extraordinary with the rice and unagi don turned into born.

Unagi don (Japanese Grilled Eel Rice Bowl) sprinkled with sansho Japanese pepper and pickles at the side

Unagi show in Japanese grocery store

The fish phase in my neighborhood grocery store is protected with eel decorations and banners.
“Doyou” is the time period for the 18-day length right away previous the primary day of summer time season, autumn, winter, and spring, and the date adjustments each year, however the summer time season one is the widely recognized one for being the time to consume eel. For example, the dates in 2022 are Saturday, July 23 and Thursday, August 4.

The cause for ingesting eels is that during Japan, there has been an vintage custom of ingesting ingredients that begin with the letter “U” (e.g., pickled plums (ume), gourd (uri), udon noodles) on “Ushi no Hi” (the day of the ox), which is right for the frame, because the frame is liable to summer time season fatigue at some point of the summer time season Doyou length.

The unagi phase in neighborhood Japanese grocery store
Here you may see me surfing the fish phase in the back of the eel show at my neighborhood grocery store.

In the Edo length (1603-1867), grilled eels did now no longer promote at some point of summer time season as it turned into out of season and those did now no longer need to consume wealthy meals in warm weather.

So, eel shops, hoping to enhance income in summer time season, placed up symptoms and symptoms saying “Today is Doyou Ushi no Hi” (these days is the day of the Ox), and it have become the same old for the Doyou Ushi.

In different words, the cause we consume eels at the day is because of an analog advertising method numerous hundred years ago.


As I noted earlier, the maximum famous manner to consume unagi don is with Japanese pepper known as sansho . Native to Japan, this Japanese spice has been used for the reason that historical instances and is characterised via way of means of its numbing spiciness and fresh aroma.

It is going extraordinarily properly with unagi and unagi sauce and that is a should object for me to revel in unagi don to the fullest.You should buy the precise S&B logo sansho I use on Amazon.

Othe than sansho, unagi eel2 don is normally served with following dishes in restaurants Eel unagi

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