Eel wire

Eel wire EL Wire, additionally called Electroluminescent cord, is a stiff cord middle lined with phosphor after which included with a defensive PVC sheath.

When an AC sign is implemented to it, it glows an aqua (blue green) shadeation. Sometimes its included with a coloured plastic shell to make it seem any other shadeation.

It appears a bit like skinny neon. Very bendable, it maintains its form and you may curl it round your finger. Its an smooth manner to feature a few glow to a assignment, now no longer as shiny as LEDs however makes use of plenty much less power!

el_wire_tape_panel_Heating_Element.jpeg Eel wire

It`s regularly used for costuming, decoration, accessory lighting, protection vests, bicycle/motorcycle/car/boat/domestic decoration, signs, etc. It’s honestly the maximum famous wearable electronics we have got visible given that its so without difficulty to use.

We have EL assignment tutorials – the TRON-stimulated bag and the EL cord celebration couch !

You can choose up a few high-brightness, long-existence EL cord and inverters on the Adafruit shop

EL is ‘cold’ – the wires generate no heat! Eel wire

EL cord calls for a driving force/inverter that may offer 400-2000 Hz, 60-120VAC (this is RMS now no longer peak-to-peak!)
Higher frequency/voltage effects in a brighter cord

Running the cord brighter will result in a discounted lifetime (what number of hours it takes till its 1/2 of-brightness)
Our high-brightness/long-existence EL cord may be pushed at 100V/2000Hz for 3000 hours earlier than it’s far 1/2 of the authentic brightness

EL cord is capacitive, and can’t be PWM’ed or without difficulty dimmed (except you may alter the voltage/frequency of the inverter)
The greater cord you connect with an inverter, the greater ‘loaded’ it’s far and the dimmer it’ll be

Our AA pocket driving force can pressure approximately 2.five meters earlier than it begins offevolved dimming significantly. 2 meters is a great amount, three is OK however wont be as shiny.

If you ‘split’ and join multiple piece of EL to an inverter, rely the whole period of all of the pieces

The AA inverter works nice with sparkling batteries, however you may use rechargables – it will simply be dimmer due to the fact the enter voltage is lower.

The capacitance ‘load’ of the EL is needed to stabilize the inverter so by no means run the inverter with out as a minimum 1 foot of EL attached!

Please note! EL tape, EL cord and EL panel are made with exclusive tactics and so the shadeation and brightness will now no longer be consistant among the : aqua tape, aqua cord and aqua panels will now no longer eel2 always match! Eel wire

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