Eels for sale

Eels for sale Adding a lovely salt water eels may be a pleasant characteristic for your new marine aquarium. Eels can get big and are pretty smooth to take care of.

At the identical time, much like marine fish on the market, Eels on the market want to be deliberate out earlier than introducing to the network or competitive saltwater tank.


Probably the maximum famous and probable the maximum lovely, the snowflake eel is a hardy, pleasant and smooth to take care of species. Snowflake eels also are commonly with ease to be had for the duration of the saltwater fish hobby.

Caring for those men is simple.Snowflakes consume frozen shrimp, squid and probable inverts. Feeding cubed frozen meals is the perfect manner to feed a snowflake. Very trainable, I actually have even visible our snowflakes learn how to consume pelleted sinking marine fish meals. We provide a number of the maximum excellent snowflake eel on the market right here at our Salt Water Fish shop.

Facts approximately snowflake eels on the market

Snowflake Eel is likewise referred to as the Snowflake Moray Eel, Clouded Moray, or Starry Moray. Without a doubt, one of the maximum lovely moray eels on the market, snowflake eels inhabit many caves and crevices for the duration of reefs of the Indo Pacific.

In the ocean, snow flakes can develop to 36 inches; maximum captive specimens will now no longer exceed the duration of 26 inches.

ZEBRA MORAY EELS Eels for sale

A Zebra Moray Eel is a beautiful and extraordinarily comfortable and docile species of saltwater eel on the market. Zebra moray eels on the market get their call from the ambitious sample of bars on their bodies.

Also referred to as the banded Moray Eel, the Zebra Eel is one of the maximum lovely of all species of marine eels on the market.

The Zebra Moray Eel is an excellent moray for the network fish tank as long as there aren’t anyt any invertebrates. Zebras do now no longer consume their fish tank buddies or the chunk their owners.

You will locate your Zebra exploring and swimming approximately at some point of the day in place of at night. A one hundred gallon or large aquarium have to be furnished with masses of hiding locations which are big sufficient to cowl the all the Zebra moray eel`s frame.

A Zebra Moray Eel weight-reduction plan ought to consist of large quantities of meatier foods. Here at Salt Water Fish Shop, we feed our eels clean fish inclusive of clams, squid, shrimp or even scallops.

BLUE RIBBON EEL Eels for sale

Blue Ribbon eels on the market ( additionally referred to as Rhinomuraena quaesita) are one of the maximum appealing of all species of puppy eel on the market.

Blue ribbons display tiny dragon heads and and long, slender “ribbon like” bodies. A Blue Ribbon Eel is one of the maximum beautiful of all sea creatures to photo as well. Keeping ribbon eels is reserved for most effective the maximum superior saltwater aquarists as they may be difficult.

This top notch eels get their call “ribbon eel” from the skinny ribbon-like dorsal markings and their ribbon like swimming patterns. commonly you may locate most effective most effective the top of a blue ribbon eel, however if you`re lucking sufficient to view a blue ribbon eel actually “unfastened swimming” you may quick comprehend wherein they get the call “ribbon eel”.


The Tessalata Eel on the market is likewise referred to as the Honeycomb Moray Eel or Leopard Eel. Tessalata eels have a mild coloured frame and in particular appealing, darkish honeycomb markings. The Tessalate Eel can be saved in a reef aquarium, however will consume eel2 smaller fish and cephlapods. Eels for sale

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