Electric eel

Electric eel The 3 species have distinct distributions withinside the northern a part of South America. E. electricus is northern, restricted to the Guiana Shield, whilst E.

voltai is southern, starting from the Brazilian protect northwards; each species stay in upland waters. E. varii is central, in large part withinside the lowlands.

Map of South America displaying distribution of the 3 species of electrical eel
Map of the northern a part of South America displaying distribution of specimens of the 3 species of Electrophorus: E. electricus (1, purple

Electric’s eel skeleton Electric eel

Electric eels have long, stout eel-like bodies, being really cylindrical on the the front however extra flattened closer to the end. E. electricus can attain 2 m (6 toes 7 in) in duration, and 20 kg (forty four lb) in weight.

The mouth is on the the front of the snout, and opens upwards. They have clean brown to black pores and skin with a yellow or purple underbelly and no scales.

Electrophysiology Electric’s eel’s

Further information: Electric’s fish’s and Electroreception and electrogenesis

Electric’s eel’s anatomy:

first element suggests stacks of electrocytes forming electric powered organs. Second element suggests an character mobileular with ion channels and pumps thru the mobileular membrane; A nerve mobileular’s terminal buttons are liberating neurotransmitters eel2 to cause electric activity. Electric’s eel’s

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