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The technique of this ee-e book is precise in managing the various topics it covers. In fact, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi is a pioneer, the primary to address this issue the use of this precise approach. He has attempted, with significant achievement withinside the Arabic original, to gather and summarize the problems from each historic and contemporary-day Islamic references Fortune society stabbing


. Being himself a diagnosed Islamic scholar, he has needed to make a judgement in choosing the ones factors of view which he strongly felt meet the wishes of Muslims in connection with the converting occasions of this time.


However, this never offers all dimensions of the Fortune society stabbing

“dialogue referring to every issue, which it’s far not possible to cowl in a ee-e book of this modest size. Although the existing extent may be very beneficial, it can’t through itself fill the gaps, meet the challenges, or solution the multitude of questions which face Muslim groups dwelling withinside the Western world. It is time that honest and certified Muslim students who’ve lived withinside the West, and who own mastery of the Islamic fiqh, introduce into English a fiqh that allows you to meet our Islamic wishes on this a part of the world, one that allows you to exhibit the cappotential


of Islam, as Allah`s very last message to mankind, to fulfill the converting necessities of human society. We wish that this name to our brothers and sisters will now no longer be lost, and that the Muslims in North America will perform the duties which confront them in a forceful and dynamic fashion. Insha’Allah the day will now no longer be a ways off while the predominant reference works to be had withinside the Islamic languages -Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, etc. -may be appropriately translated into English, giving the English-speakme Musli


The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam Fortune society stabbing

We pray that Allah will forgive us, and that He will bless our paintings and make it beneficial for the Muslims of the English-speakme world.Sheikh Ahmad Zaki HammadDefinitions
: That that’s permitted, with admire to which no limit exists, and the doing of which the Law-Giver, Allah, has allowed.Al-Haram Al-HaramThat which the Law-Giver has sincerely prohibited; each person who engages in it’s far prone to incur the punishment of Allah withinside the Hereafter in addition to a prison punishment on this world.



That that’s disapproved through the Law-Giver however now no longer very strongly. The makruh is much less in diploma than the haram, and the punishment for makruh acts is much less than for the ones which are haram, besides while finished to extra and in a way which leads an man or woman towards what’s haram.


In the call of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Say: Who has forbidden the adornment of Allah which He has added forth for His servants, and the great things of His providing? Say: They are, at the Day of Resurrection, solely for individuals who believed all through the existence of this world. Thus can we give an explanation for the symptoms and symptoms for individuals who know. Say: What my Lord has certainly prohibited are shameful deeds, whether or not open or secret, and sin and revolt with out simply cause, and which you accomplice with Allah that for which He has despatched down no authority, and which you say regarding Allah that approximately that you do now no longer know


The General Institute of Islamic Culture of al-Azhar University has asked me to take part in an educational assignment of writing without problems comprehensible books or pamphlets which, while translated into the English language, could introduce Islam and its teachings to Europe and America, teaching the Muslims who are living there and attracting the non-Muslims towards Islam.

The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam


Assuredly this assignment of manufacturing books and pamphlets has each a lofty intention and a wide scope. It need to had been initiated lengthy ago, for the reason that many Muslims in Europe and America have little or no know-how of Islam, or even that little has now no longer remained secure from distortion and confusion.


Recently a chum from al-Azhar who turned into despatched to one of the states withinside the United States of America wrote to us, saying, “Many Muslims on this kingdom run bars and earn their dwelling thru the sale of liquor, now no longer even understanding that that is a main sin in Islam.” He adds, “Muslim guys marry Christian, Jewish and now and again musomen, passing over the Muslim women, who continue to be single and need to fend for themselves.”


If that is the kingdom of the Muslims,

what may be stated of the non-Muslims? People withinside the West have a totally distorted and unpleasant image of Islam, its Prophet  peace and be and its followers, a image painted through Christian missionaries and the representatives of the imperialist powers. They have used all approach of propaganda at their disposal to malign Islam and to prejudice the minds of human beings towards it, even as we, on the identical time, had been heedless and neglectful of fighting this malicious propaganda.


It is certainly excessive time to release an academic assignment as a way to treatment this situation, to tell human beings approximately the reality of Islam, and to ask them towards it. We welcome this blessed step, commending those dedicated human beings of al-Azhar eel2; we request them to redouble their efforts on this direction, and pray to Allah to bless and assist them always.



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