Giant moray eel

Giant moray eel The Giant Moray is frequently brown with darkish brown spots. The species is the most important of all of the Indo-Pacific morays, developing to 2.five m in length.


The Giant Moray is frequently brown with darkish brown spots. The head is yellow to brown and the gill starting is surrounded through a black blotch.

Habitat Giant moray eel

The species happens in a lot of reef habitats, regularly in holes among corals, in caves or beneathneath ledges.


The Giant Moray is observed in tropical marine waters of the Indo-Pacific. In Australia it’s far recorded from north-western Western Australia, across the tropical north, and south to southern Queensland.

Danger to humans

The Giant Moray is usually now no longer a subject for divers, but it must in no way be provoked. It is a massive, effective fish with lengthy dog tooth that could inflict critical wounds. RandallĀ  mentioned an assault on Vernon Brock, who speared a Giant Moray in Hawaii.

The eel accountable for the assault on Brock turned into maximum possibly Giant Moray, Gymnothorax javanicus. It turned into anticipated to had been over metres lengthy.

References Giant’s moray eel

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