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Glass eel Newborn glass eels go back to Europe from the Sargasso Sea. Data at the numbers of glass eels migrating into the Netherlands are of superb significance for tracking the eel populace. Wageningen Marine Research has been tracking this because 1938 on the sluices in Den Oever and now at many places withinside the Netherlands.

Eel is a species with a unique existence cycle. It migrates as a silver eel from the Netherlands to spawn close to the Sargasso Sea. From there, the new child glass eels migrate lower back to Europe emigrate to sparkling waters.

Data at the numbers of glass eels migrating into Dutch waters are of superb significance for tracking the eel populace. That is why Wageningen Marine Research has been tracking the eel populace on the sluices in Den Oever because 1938, for this reason contributing

The map underneath suggests the places in which younger glass eels are monitored. The tracking at Den Oever is one of the longest time collection for this fish species in Europe. In addition, there are eleven different series factors alongside the coast withinside the Netherlands in which glass eels are sampled.

How can we monitor? Glass eel

Traditionally, glass eel sampling is done with a boost internet withinside the months of March to May. On average, that is the maximum crucial migration duration for glass eels withinside the Netherlands.

Per place, dozens of hauls are done: 3 in an night withinside the dark. Only at Den Oever are there numerous hauls each different hour withinside the night, which leads to numerous hundred hauls. Monitoring is done via way of means of volunteers and expert fishermen.

The studies is coordinated via way of means of Wageningen Marine Research.

The glass eel index Glass’s eel

The index tracking shows the yearly version in glass eel abundance in the front of a barrier which include a lock or a pumping station. It is crucial that the method and the situations continue to be the equal for you to make an excellent comparison.

Although tracking is done from March to May, the index is decided for April and May. One yr the glass eels are early and any other yr they may be late.

Practice suggests that for twelve months this offers a better cost of the index, at the same time as the alternative yr this offers a decrease index. An index is not anything greater than the variety of glass eels in line with haul.

Different tracking strategies

In addition to glass eel tracking, studies is likewise being carried out into the distribution dynamics and migration fulfillment of glass eels. By the use of a couple of strategies throughout the equal duration on the eel2 equal place, a greater entire photograph of glass eel behaviour is obtained Glass’s eel’s

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