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omeScheduleTee TimesHandicapsCommittee ContactsMatchplayWeekly Results/PhotosHandicap Adjustment SystemOverall Point StandingSociety Rules & BylawsSociety Rules and Bylawsonstitution of the Goal Post Golf SocietyName:1. The call of the society will be Goal Post Golf Society Goal post golf society

2. The Society shall arrange for its member`s golfing tournaments and different events. Goal post golf society


three. Articles of the Constitution shall simplest be altered, amended, or brought to at an AGM (Annual General Meeting), SGM (Special General Meeting), or on the discretion of the modern-day Committee of the Society.

4. To be carried, any movement providing constitutional modification shall require a two-thirds majority of these gift and voting.

5. Constitutional Amendments can be submitted in writing, with the call of the Proposer and the Seconded to the Secretary of The Society and forwarded to the Committee contributors 2 weeks previous to the AGM or SGM.



6. A financial institution account will be opened withinside the call of the Society. Goal post golf society


7. An auditor or auditors can be appointed through the committee to audit the account previous to the AGM or every time the committee deems it vital and withinside the satisfactory hobby of the Society. the golfing trip is optional. Total fee of the AGM trip (golfing, assembly, food, and drink) will be sponsored through an quantity decided through the Committee primarily based totally at the kingdom of the Society`s finances.



Special General Meeting:19. An SGM will be convened if 10% of the contributors signal a movement calling for an SGM and duly ahead it directly to the Secretary of the Society.20. Notice of the SGM will be submitted to the secretary and forwarded to the contributors one week earlier than the SGM is convened.21. The enterprise of an SGM will be reserved for the ones topics specific in stated movement.


chedule One-Conduct of Elections:22. Elections to the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Handicap Committee contributors shall take vicinity on the society`s AGM. Optional positions of Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary shall additionally be determined on the AGM.


23. Nominations for the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Handicap Committee can be submitted in writing to the Secretary 2 weeks previous to the AGM or might also additionally orally be submitted on the AGM. Nominations for the above-cited positions should consist of the names of the Proposer and the Second who should BOTH be Society contributors.


24. Any nominated candidate shall acquire


one and simplest one nomination for any function.25. In the occasion of a couple of nominations, a couple of votes will be cas until, through method of a run-off election, all positions are filled.


26. In the occasion of a tie vote, the AGM chairman shall have the determining vote.Officers and Committees:27. The committee of the Society will be made of following: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, (Asst. Treasurer and Asst. Secretary are optional), and 3 Handicap Committee Members.28. These contributors will be elected on the AGM.29. The quorum for a Committee Meeting will be five.30. The Committee shall meet on a bi-weekly foundation for transactions of Regular Business of the Society.


31. All problems earlier than the Committee will be determined through Majority Vote. In the occasion of a tie vote, the President shall have the Deciding Vote. New By-Laws will be accredited on the AGM.

32. The Committee shall make or amend Regulations once in a while as it can deem vital for engaging in its conferences and can make By-Laws now no longer inconsistent with the Ruled and because it deems vital or ideal withinside the satisfactory hobby of the Society. New By-Laws will be accredited on the AGM.

33. When a emptiness at the Committee occurs,


nominations for the successor will be referred to as from he Society Membership. Nominations will be proposed and seconded through contributors. The successor will be decided on through the committee from stated nominations.34. The committee might also additionally hire a sub-committee to perform any unique obligation for any motive it deems vital or


ideal withinside the satisfactory hobby of the Society.35. Any Officer or different committee member will be deemed to have vacated his function as defined in beneath Schedule Two.Responsibilities of the Officers:36. The Vice President shall robotically com eel2 e to be President of the Society the subsequent 12 months.


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