how do repressive regimes interact with civil society


how do repressive regimes interact with civil society

1. Myths and Legends form a society due to the fact they solution questions that all and sundry has and it indicates how your ancestors lived and what they went thru and the way we came today. how do repressive regimes interact with civil society

2. Myths and Legends had been used to give an explanation for the sector earlier than technology due to the fact they could inform wherein the solar got here from in addition to the moon and they might deliver heritage on wherein people got here from also.


3. Myths play a massive function how do repressive regimes interact with civil society


withinside the cultural sports of a society they give an explanation for how the tradition become introduced up and it indicates what ideals they have got and that they display what gods the society had.


four. Myths offer existence with which means due to the fact they display the heritage on existence withinside the society and the way they society existence become returned in historic times.

5. Myths and Legends do set up ethical hints for dwelling withinside the society it essentially indicates how existence ought to be lived withinside the society.

1. I consider if our tradition had myths and legends existenchow do repressive regimes interact with civil society

e could be greater sacred and also you wouldn`t surely simply be capable of stay your existence. For instance if we had policies and hints on how our ancestors lived I consider existence could be worse in reality due to the fact you will have human beings that might need to stay out o



f doors of these policies and hints after which it might be plenty greater chaos occurring in existence.

2. The Boogeyman is portrayed as a monster in our tradition who essentially is there to get children that do not pay attention to their mother and father or act bad. The boogeyman is in reality a fairy story made as much as preserve younger children in line and display that in case you do incorrect you will ought to stay with him or he’s going to come get you he become made up in reality to scare younger children.



3. A crucial trait that someone ought to have is to be ob

edient to elders and withinside the tale of Demarcus and his son he instructed his son now no longer to fly that near the solar as it will soften the wax off of his wings and he did not pay attention and flew to shut and ended up death from a end result of now no longer listening.



four. Life in a tradition of independence will seem like a bung of human beings that do and depend upon their sleeves for the whole lot there might be loads of peace totally at the truth that no one could have altercations due to the fact anybody continues to theirself.


5. A vacationer that visited us could assume that Lemonade become sacred to us due to the fact this is one of the predominant matters that we drink and  eel2 one of the maximum promoting liquids so that might be a prime drink that everybody could assume is sacred.

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