How to catch a eel

To maximum people, angler or now no longer, the phrase `eel` is a incredibly disgusting phrase and pulling one out of the water while the expectancy changed into that a fish might be at the stop of the road can reason a few anglers extreme anxiety. Many anglers do now no longer like eels and need not anything to do with them. However, for a few anglers that is a totally sought-after fish that instructions a big following. How to catch a eel

The eel is a lengthy, slimy, snake-like fish with a small head,  How to catch a eel

it calls for little or no description as it’s miles rarely improper for some thing else. Apart from the very small pectoral fins, observed on the gills, all of the different fins were merged collectively to supply one lengthy fin which runs alongside the pinnacle and underside of the eel`s body.


Very younger eels, referred to as elvers, are very small and feature an nearly translucent body, those elvers develop into `yellow eels`, that are brown-yellow in coloration and are darker down their backs. Fully mature eels migrate to the Sargasso Sea to spawn and in no way return, via way of means of this factor they’re silver in coloration.

SO HOW DO WE CATCH ONE? How to catch a eel


Eels are completely backside feeders, surviving off quite a good deal some thing of animal origin, alive or lifeless. As such, baits consisting of worms, clusters of maggots or small lifeless baits paintings in particular properly while eel fishing.


Eels will cross for maximum stay baits regularly utilized by anglers consisting of maggots and worms. Larger eels will take lifeless baits of entire or sectioned coarse and sea fish.


As eluded to earlier, the eel has an uncommon however thrilling lifestyles cycle. Beginning withinside the ocean, the larvae waft in the direction of Europe over three hundred days, as they method Europe, the larvae remodel into small `glass eels` and input estuaries throughout Europe and begin to transport upstream.

Once similarly inland, those glass eels remodel once more into elvers, smaller variations of the grownup eels, which then develop and end up `yellow eels` because of the brown-yellow coloration on their flanks and bellies. Finally, after five-20 years, they end up sexually mature, their eyes end up large, their flanks end up silver and their underbelly adjustments to a colour of white.


At this factor the eels are mentioned as `silver` eels,


Some eels in no way make it to freshwaters and could rather stay in brackish waters or in sea water. Those which discover themselves in land-locked freshwaters may be compelled to wriggle throughout land to discover their manner again to the sea.


Eels may be stuck year-spherical however are commonly taken into consideration to be summer time season feeders, July to October are the first-class months to trap them. They typically begin feeding as night time falls, making the first-class instances to trap them nightfall, thru the night time and at dawn.


The eel may be observed during British waters, however is maximum normally encountered in large numbers in slow-flowing rivers and nonetheless waters. If you`re after massive eels, don`t waste some time with rivers, rather, cross for land-locked nonetheless waters that are near rivers or canals. Older eels that have been capable of take gain of all that the lake gives may be lurking in such lakes.


Large eels are commonly fished for with ledger tackle,



Once hooked, eels have a addiction of curling up and wrapping themselves round weeds or boundaries. The end result of that is that they are able to placed up a first-rate fight, akin to fish that are or 3 instances their weight. As such, a robust rod is important while fishing for eels, in case you`re after massive specimens, a 2.five-three lb rod is recommended. It is, however, feasible to land smaller eels on lighter rods, so don`t panic in case you simplest have a 1.five lb rod.


Use line this is among 10-15 lbs and use a cord hint in case you`re after massive eels as their tooth will decrease thru softer hook-lengths. The eel`s eye is observed in particular near its mouth, a length 6 hook is perfect. Anything large may want to harm the eels eye, some thing smaller and you may have a exclusive fish on the road.


When fishing the lowest for eels, a easy ledger rig is quite a good deal standard.When fishing loosely offered setups, eels have an stressful tendency of backing up multiple inches and swallowing the bait with out it registering. To save you this and to decrease the risk of hooking the eel deep in its throat, hold the hook duration brief and the road tight. Striking speedy may also decrease the risk of the eel swallowing the bait.



This rig is used to put hookbait on the lowest. The distance among the hook and swivel can vary, however must be as a minimum three hundred mm. This rig works so properly due to the fact your line is capable of byskip thru the weight`s “eye” eel2 , that means that shy or suspicious fish can tug the bait with out right away sensing the resistance.



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