How to catch a eel

Japanese waters have a wealthy sort of fish, and lots of strategies had been evolved to seize them. Here, we`ll study one fisherman who units traps withinside the huge bay proper beside metropolitan Tokyo.
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japanese How to catch a eel

Tokyo Bay is sheltered via way How to catch a eel

of means of the Boso and Miura peninsulas. Facing the bay are Tokyo, Yokohama and different metropolitan centers. The world’s biggest commercial area spreads out across the bay. Many ports are positioned right here as well, linking Japan to different countries. The bay opens up into the Pacific Ocean, and till the mid-1800s,


it become an essential fishing ground, providing big quantities of sparkling fish to the close by town of Edo. Even today, many sorts of fish and shellfish inhabit the waters, a few extremely good examples being haze sort of fishing strategies are nevertheless used to seize them.


Haneda Airport faces the bay. How to catch a eel

A 67-12 months-vintage fisherman named Ito Toshitsugu lives simply beside it, in Tokyo’s ota City. He started out running on a fishing boat whilst he become 15, following withinside the steps of his father and grandfather. He catches short-necked clams withinside the summer, flatfish withinside the winter, and sea eels all 12 months lengthy.

Sea eels are absolutely fish, lengthy and skinny like sparkling-water eels. Their call in Japanese is anago, which comes from ana-no-ko (hollow dwellers). They like holes on the ocean bottom—in the course of the day they sleep in them, and in the course of the night time they stick their heads out to eat. They may be stuck in traps that imitate the surroundings they like.


At 10 a.m., Ito is getting his traps equipped on a wharf close to his home


. The traps, referred to as anago-zutsu, are essentially plastic pipes 10 cm in diameter with many small holes to permit child fish escape. He locations frozen sardines interior for bait, then suits a cone-fashioned tool into the give up of every trap.


The cone courses the eels alongside because it tapers right all the way down to a slim hollow, then traps them interior. Ito goes to drop the traps to the ground of the bay—then at night time the ocean eels will scent the sardines and meet their fate. The fishermen make all in their traps via way of means of hand, so there are diffused variations among them.

He lives close to Haneda Airport together along with  How to catch a


ne bait is damaged as much as launch an awful lot of its oil and scent, then positioned withinside the traps. One give up of the pipe traps is capped off, and the alternative give up is closed with a cone-fashioned cowl that has a hollow withinside the tip  . Sea eels are attracted via way of means of the scent of the sardines and swim thru the hollow into the  eel2 rap, best to locate they cannot get out.


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