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Ocean eel Eels play a completely vital position in aquatic ecosystems, as they assist adjust the populations of different animals, and eels themselves are vital prey for different species.

Eels are in disaster due to numerous reasons, a few being guy made systems, unlawful fishing, and business fishing. Our purpose is to educate humans approximately why eels are so vital and why we want to store them!

Most Common Freshwater Eel Species

American Eel (our campaign`s focus)- Endangered
European Eel– Critically Endangered
Both European and American Eel species breed withinside the Sargasso Sea however then stay maximum in their lives in freshwaters withinside the Americas or Europe.

Japanese Eel– Endangered Ocean eel

Japanese eels are notion to reproduce west of the Mariana islands, however plenty in their breeding conduct are unknown. They stay maximum in their lives in freshwaters of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea.

All 3 of those species are threatened with the aid of using the identical problems, simply on special continents
Freshwater Eels are Endangered!

Freshwater eels are being overfished to the factor of pushing their populations to the edge of collapse. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch harvesting nearby freshwater eel to be used withinside the United States comes from endangered and seriously endangered wild populations. Thus, eel is ranked as one of the worst seafood selections to select because of its effect at the surroundings and eel populations.

Why are Eels Endangered? Ocean eel

Eels are endangered because of some of reasons. Overfishing being the primary purpose however others encompass:
Illegal fishing and exporting

Man-made systems like hydropower mills and pumping stations interrupt eel movements/kill them with the aid of using getting swept into those systems

Chemical pollutants (heavy metals and pesticides) in rivers
Climate change (water temperature and acidity) impacts eel migration styles and harming their sensory abilities
Increasing threats from plastic pollutants to their breeding range

The Importance of the Sargasso Sea to Freshwater Eels
The Sargasso Sea is extraordinarily vital for each European and American Eels.

American eels lay eggs and are born withinside the Sargasso Sea. Once the eggs hatch, the infants that are no larger than a thumb, journey a thousand miles to freshwaters withinside the Americas.

Once they’re prepared to reproduce, the eels make the adventure again to the Sargasso Sea.

Unfortunately, this ↓ is beginning to appearance extra like this ↓

Ocean currents have brought about the buildup of plastic withinside the Sargasso Sea growing the North Atlantic Garbage Patch, expected to be loads of Km in size.

This reasons bad influences on freshwater eel migrations and breedings, due to all of the plastic pollutants.

We can assist with the aid of using lowering our plastic waste, assisting legal guidelines to lower plastic use, and assisting studies approximately plastics in our oceans.

Why are Eels Important?

Eels are a important meals supply for lots birds, mammals, and massive fish
Eels are a pinnacle predator in lots of river or movement ecosystems, which means they assist hold biodiversity with the aid of using ensuring one species of fish doesn`t take over the ecosystem

Eels are vital for maintaining rivers and streams clean
Eels shipping the larva of filter-feeding mussels round freshwaters
These mussels clear out pollution from the water, maintaining the surroundings and those wholesome

When eels disappear, the mussels do as well

Eels are vital in keeping balanced ecology, because of the numerous aquatic interactions eels are concerned in
Past Conservation Efforts: A Brief History of American Eel Conservation

In the beyond numerous many years American eel populations have

declined with the aid of using over 50%.
The endangerment of different eel species global have brought about excessive call for for American eel.

There were tries to encompass the American eel at the Endangered Species Act list (maximum lately in 2015) however efforts have failed which means American eels don’t have any protections.

Eel Conservation Is In Your Hands

A loss of legal guidelines shielding American eels suggest clients should make aware selections on their very own whilst shopping and ordering seafood to defend the species from extinction and to make sure wholesome eel2 ecosystems thrive for destiny generations. Ocean eel

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