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To plan and sell Social and Political programs, to repair Democratic, Civil, and Social prerogatives for the gain of Society as a whole, to perpetuate Democracy, Opportunity and Freedom, and Elect a well matched Congress.Our on the spot Political Goals are in brief mentioned hereo quit `exporting’ of enterprise, and ‘outsourcing’ hard work, the most effective actual way to growing jobs Patriot society nv.

To positioned an absolute quit to the inflow of unlawful aliens. Patriot society nv

To sell well-known fitness care withinside the U.S. with ‘unmarried payer’, and no coverage business enterprise involvement.

(all people pays, and all people is cared for)


To block the ‘Elitist’ power to channel Social Security investment into Wall StreetTo perpetuate the life of the U.S. Postal Service as a public entitTo guide and assure the rights of hard work to arrangeTo assure the proper to acquire a central authority fee with the aid of using paper chTo prevent the ‘Elitist’ power to denationalise public roads and highways.


To impose time period limits in Federal Government. Patriot society nv


To discourage the ‘Elitist’ concept of ‘One World Government’. however you need to begin somewhere. Our reason is to pay attention on many of the maximum urgent issues, and convey them to success, earlier than pursuing some thing else. In our modern



legislative system, because it has evolved, the item is frequently misplaced in negotiations and offers. We intend to supply, so our supporters recognise they may be getting what they may be paying for, and to supply we want a well matched majority in congress, together with a widespread base on the nearby level.


We are presently recruiting representatives, members, and supporters.

Section 2 ​Our Vision;

True democratic strength, the strength of the mass populace, is presently driven into the history with the aid of using the economic strength of the ‘Elites’. That is the end result of the ‘Elites’ capacity to finance an amazing mass of political bribery and propaganda, and plenty of humans trust they may be helpless to retaliate in any way.

The majority of humans are aware about the strength in their vote, however all to many are absolutely disappointed with the aid of using the humans they’ve voted for. With every passing year, the strength of that vote is similarly diluted, until full of life movement is taken now, the mass vote will quickly be absolutely meaningless!

There is a answer; and that answer is for the center class, and specially the decrease profits corporations of the center class, of Americans, to arrange and guide the concept that America is the best land on earth, and to guide a motion supposed to insure that concept stays a reality. The Patriot Society is that motion, ultimately, this may require our personal political ‘birthday birthday celebration’. The on the spot ‘urgent’ purpose is to choose a ‘well matched’ congress.

This calls for now no longer most effective ethical guide, however additionally sweat attempt and economic guide. It calls for many heaps of humans (voters) to create actual strength, and to arrange and unite the ones humans charges money.

Advertising, handouts, print substances and ‘door to door’ verbal exchange all must be paid for. While a few humans are too reasonably-priced to position even a nominal guide at the back of what they trust and agree on, a coins equal to at least one % of cigarettes in line with week with the aid of using every member, will make this motion a success.

Section three About us;

The suggestion for beginning the Patriot Society as a mundane political facts source, is the apparent failure of Congress to do the desire of the humans.


Some examples of this are the failure to create well-known fitness care, despite the fact that over 70% of the humans desire it. Another instance is the failure to make any powerful attempt to halt the inflow of unlawful aliens, desired with the aid of using approximately 80% of Americans. The maximum modern instance of gross congressional negligence is the refusal of congress to clamp down at the crooked and corrupt economic enterprise, the `coronary heart beat` of our very life. The tested regime of Barack Obama suggests the futility of` `cleansing up` thru the present political parties. The Obama `turncoat` posture have become apparent withinside the months among the 2008 election and his inauguration.

The following paragraph highlights the modern untenable abuses sanctified with the aid of using congress;

The offers and connections among the coverage enterprise and Obama will now no longer stand near scrutiny. The Federal Reserve, over a hundred years old, is a reasonably-priced fraud owned totally with the aid of using the banks, and masquerading as a Government Agency. After spending Trillions over a duration of approximately 60 years `fighti


ng` communism, we’re now in mattress with them. In much less than 30 years of `normal` family members with Communist China (we have been simply at strugglefare with mainland China previous to that) we’re now to date in `hock` to them it is going to be very tough to get out. The `proper humans` from the Republican (and Democrat) birthday birthday celebration we’ve despatched to congress, have `sacrificed` the economic system of our u . s . at the `Altar of Free Trade`. In the route of doing this, they’ve substantially dwindled the existence fashion and possibility of operating families.


The humans selling the Patriot Society are strictly the operating center class, the `Blue Collar` humans. It`s very apparent the Elites aren’t going to throw us a `lifeline`, so we must swim for it. With our united help, we can survive!

Section four The Organizing Plan;

As we visualized recruiting enough humans to make this attempt successful, we devised the subsequent plan;We divided america into fifty two Franchised Districts, every a geographical vicinity of about 6 million humans. Each District is split into geographical Divisions, every Division now no longer to exceed a place of a million humans, and every Division


is split into geographic Local Councils, every Local Council now no longer to exceed a populace of 2 hundred thousand humans. The Councils with a team of up to twenty Field Representatives recruits members. Each District has a Franchised District Director, who’s answerable for setting up the sector ranges in his/her District. All Activist humans,  eel2 District, Division, Councils and Field Representatives are required

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