Recipe for eel sauce

Recipe for eel sauce Eel sauce, additionally referred to as unagi sauce, is observed in Japanese cuisine. It is a sauce this is normally used on grilled eels additionally referred to as unagi. It is candy, salty, and sticky. Contrary to its name, it isn’t crafted from mixed up eels. If you dine out at a restaurant, a few locations will prepare dinner dinner the eels in it or use fish stock, which offers it greater flavor. However at its core, and generally shop sold versions, are vegetarian.


Eel sauce on the maximum simple model is product of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. It is thick and sticky like syrup. Teriyaki sauce usually does now no longer consist of mirin that’s a candy Japanese rice wine. Teriyaki sauce additionally consists of extra aromatics together with ginger and garlic.

WHERE TO BUY EEL SAUCE? Recipe for eel sauce

Eel sauce isn`t as not unusualplace to locate in shops. At least I actually have a tough time locating it wherein I live. Some shops wherein you would possibly have success are Asian or especially Japanese grocery shops.

Occasionally commonplace grocery shops can have it withinside the Asian ingredients aisle relying on wherein you live. If you can not locate it in person, you may purchase it on-line on Amazon that’s a bit extra expensive.

Eel sauce is likewise from time to time known as unagi sauce or sushi sauce, so appearance out for the ones too. I generally make it at domestic following the clean recipe for eel sauce below.


A simple eel sauce is honestly clean to make at domestic. Simply blend collectively in a 2:2:1 ratio of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. For example: 2 cups soy sauce, 2 cups mirin, and 1 cup sugar.

Simmer on low to medium warmth till it receives thick and sticky. Don`t positioned the warmth too excessive or it’s going to caramelize an excessive amount of and grow to be candy. Stir often so it chefs evenly.

There could be effervescent and it would appearance foamy however it is going away whilst you stir. The sauce gets thicker because it cools and grow to be a honey-like consistency.


Eel sauce is generally right for some weeks withinside the fridge. Store it in a sealed field like a mason jar. Use a easy utensil whenever you’re taking a scoop out. I generally make it in small batches due to the fact a bit is going an extended manner and continues it from drying out!

WHAT TO EAT WITH EEL SAUCE? Recipe for eel sauce

Eel sauce is going fantastic on everything! Traditionally it’s miles used on grilled eels or unagi. I like to apply it for sushi bakes, sushi rolls, and salmon rice bowls at domestic.

It is even fantastic as a glaze on chicken, salmon, and salads. I additionally like to apply it as a dipping sauce for vegetables like cucumbers and eel2 avocado. Recipe for eel sauce

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