Rrum society #65


A couple of weeks ago, K&L held a tasting of rums from the Rum Society, a brand new Pernod Ricard challenge offering unaged, sourced, pot distilled rums. So far, there are 3 rums withinside the line, that is most effective to be had in Los Angele Rrum society #65


s. They are all forty% abv and their numerical titles mirror the combination numbers used internally. They do now no longer encompass any components or coloring, which makes them uncommon for rums produced via way of means of a big spirits conglomerate.

The 3 rums we sampled had been “forty” Rrum society #65


, an unaged Guyanese rum from a unmarried wood potstill, “sixty two), a mix of the rum utilized in forty with different pot nevertheless rums from Barbados and Jamaica, and “sixty five,” a mix of 4 rums from Guayan, Babados and Trinidad. The sixty five is the most effective rum with an age component, an elderly rum from the Angostura Distillery in Trinidad.


These had been a laugh to flavor and had lots of the funky, earthy notes you get in additive-unfastened pot nevertheless rum, however seldom locate in any rum withinside the U.S. They regarded to be designed for the cocktail crowd or the Tequil


Drinking them neat, the forty changed into my favorite. Rrum society #65

It changed into the funkiest and had the maximum taste. The sixty two nevertheless had a number of that funkich makes experience for the reason that forty is one of the componhowever changed into extra mellow. The sixty five had a large sweet corn nostril and lots of vanilla notes; it changed into exact however a piece too candy.


It’s exceptional that Pernod is helping this effort, and there has been lots of taste right here so that it will in all likelihood wonder the parents they’re targeting, aleven though for my part w no longer in all likelihood withinside the goalĀ  I might have appreciated to flavor those at better evidence. These rums pass for $35 each.


This is the second one K&L occasion I Rrum society #65


‘ve attended at Mini-Bar on the Hollywood Best Western. These tastings are exceptional deals; this one cost $10 which blanketed a cocktail and lots of warm snacks together with the 3 rums.

The low evidence is sudden given the choice of the pretty constrained target target market they are targeting.of man or woman with out being too severe and a truthful sufficient charge that I do not thoughts making cocktails with it. If love to look extra stuff in that vein.

Anonymous said…Echo what Jordan said. eel2 A disgrace they proofed those down so much.If you want funk, and rum x mezcal mashups, I’d fairly propose attempting the Velier Clairins.J

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