Spotted garden eel

Spotted garden eel Spotted lawn eels have 3 big black patches and severa black spots throughout their frame, big yellow eyes and an upturned mouth. They are sexually dimorphic, which means men and women appearance different. The male is a whole lot large and its jaw stands out further.

Size: Spotted garden eel

They develop to sixteen inches (forty cm) in period and feature a frame diameter of 0.five inch (1.three cm).


Spotted lawn eels burrow into the sandy sea backside to make their home. They make their frame inflexible with the aid of using tightening their muscle tissue after which pressure their pointy tail deep into the sand.

When they get deep enough, they wiggle their dorsal fin which pushes the sand out. Then they secrete slime from their pores and skin to cement the burrow walls. They will break out predators with the aid of using diving tail-first into the burrow.

They will expand a part of their frame out in their burrow whilst there aren’t anyt any symptoms and symptoms of hazard and to consume. Each eel lives in a unmarried burrow, which they hardly ever leave. During mating season, the male turns into shielding of the female, defensive her from different males.

Diet: They consume tiny planktonic animals that waft with the aid of using them withinside the water current.

Senses: Spotted garden eel

Spotted lawn eels have excellent eyesight that permits them to identify their meals and predators.


During mating season, men and women attain throughout and entwine their bodies. They are pelagic spawners, which means, after mating the fertilized eggs are launched into the current. The eggs waft withinside the open waters close to the floor till they hatch. Once they’re big enough, they swim down and make their burrow.


Spotted lawn eels stay withinside the heat elements of the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea in colonies at the sandy residences and slopes that border coral reefs at depths of 23 -one hundred fifty feet (7- forty five m).

They also can be determined in regions dense with seagrass; this makes it clean for eel2 them to mixture in with their surroundings. Spotted garden eel

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